Jeremy Lin looks forward to fighting with the United Arab League, praised the Guangdong men’s basketball offensive efficiency

Jeremy Lin looks forward to fighting with the United Arab League, praised the Guangdong men’s basketball offensive efficiency
Jeremy Lin is seriously preparing for the game tonight.Figure / Sports Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Team will be the home team tonight against the Guangdong team.Jeremy Lin expressed his hope to meet Du Feng, Yi Jianlian and other friends before the game, and also gave his opponent a high rating.Like Du Feng, the head coach of the Guangdong team, Jeremy Lin also expressed his expectation to meet friends before the game.”Looking forward to seeing Du Feng.I met Yi Jianlian in the NBA for the first year. I would see him again every two or three years. He also took care of me this summer.I feel very much like the game I played with Guo Ailun, and I’m very happy to play with my friends.Speaking of the opponent of the Guangdong men’s basketball team, Jeremy Lin deserves a high evaluation: “The Guangdong team’s counterattack is very efficient and fast. There are many good players. It is difficult to prevent or control only one player.”The Shougang men’s basketball team faced the Bayi team in the previous round, scored a season-high 105 points, and returned to the original track.Jeremy Lin believes that what is more important than drama is whether the team can continue to play its own level.Head coach Yannis agreed that the outside world described the game tonight as a “contradiction war.””This is the characteristic of the Guangdong team. They are very efficient on the offensive end. Whether they score or not, they want to play fast break.Our mission is to focus on our defensive end, whether it is overall defense or individual defense, and play aggressive in this regard.”Zhai Xiaochuan and Zhu Yanxi will return to the team tonight.

2016 live address of the annual selection and awards ceremony of sports figures

2016 live address of the annual selection and awards ceremony of sports figures
At 14:30 on January 15th, Beijing time, the 2016 model year’s annual selection and awards ceremony model will be staged in the National Swimming Center (Water Cube). The general jury will award a total of 5 nominees to select the final winners.  Schedule: 14:30-18:00 Awards Day Special Event 16:00-16:40 General Jury Voting Ceremony 18:30-19:30 Star Red Carpet Show 19:30-22:05 Award Ceremony 2016 “CCTV SportsThe list of the annual selection and selection awards of Fengyun figures: 1.Nomination Award for Best Newcomer of the Year Chen Ting, Gong Xiangyu, Qian Xuechao, Qu Chunyu, Ren Qian.  2.Nomination Awards of the Annual Popular Sports Spirit Awards Chen Xu, Lu Yajun, Miman Emila, Shen Hui, Wang Guangcheng.  3.Nomination Awards for Best Combination of the Year Chen Ruolin/Liu Huixia, Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan, Gong Jinjie/Zhong Angel, Shi Jingnan/Wu Dajing/Han Tianyu/Xu Hongzhi, Wu Minxia/Shi Tingmao.  4.The nominations for the annual Sportsmanship Award for Disabled Persons Rong Jing, Xu Qing, Zhao Shuai, Zheng Jin, and Zhou Hongzhuan.  5. Nomination Award for Best Non-Olympic Athlete of the Year Ding Junhui, Hou Yifan, Ke Jie, Zhang Chi, Zou Shiming.  6.Nomination Awards for Coach of the Year Kong Linghui, Lang Ping, Li Yan, Liu Guoliang, Yuan Guoqiang.  7.Annual Breakthrough Award nomination awards Gong Jinjie/Angel Zhong, Han Tianyu, Hua Tian, Tang Xingqiang/Xie Zhenye/Su Bingtian/Zhang Peimeng, Zhao Shuai.  8.Nomination Award for Best Team of the Year Chinese Short Track Speed Skating Team, Chinese Weightlifting Team, Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, Chinese Table Tennis Team, Chinese Diving Team.  9.Nomination Award for Best Female Athlete of the Year Ding Ning, Liu Hong, Zhang Mengxue, Angel Zhong, Zhu Ting.  10.The best male athlete of the year nomination awards are Chen Long, Long Qingquan, Ma Long, Sun Yang and Wang Zhen.Extended reading: 2016 sports figure selection awards prediction predicts women’s volleyball team will become the biggest winner

Should Bank of China crude oil be blamed for losing money to the bank?

Should Bank of China crude oil be blamed for losing money to the bank?
“I already knew that I had to reverse the bank’s money and it was better to go stock speculation. There is also a limit in the stock market.”Investor Zhang Ming (pseudonym) smiled bitterly at Sauna and Yewang’s resumption of Bank of China’s crude oil treasure negative liquidation.On April 20, local time, the settlement price of futures delivered by West Texas Light Crude Oil (WTI) in May closed at minus 37 per barrel.63 US dollars, for the first time fell into a negative transaction.Investors have witnessed the history once again in the first few meltdowns in US stocks.This time, the investors of BOC Crude Oil “were very hurt”.According to the announcement of the Bank of China on April 22, the US crude oil contract for Crude Oil Products follows -37.The official settlement price of USD 63 / barrel is priced.As soon as the news came out, many investors weighed in and acquired nearly 300%.This means that investors have to find bank money after losing their principal.At present, investor dissatisfaction is mainly concentrated in the agreement that the good margin fell to 20% strong level, why not?Stop trading at ten o’clock in the evening, shouldn’t it be a shift at ten o’clock?Why is the delivery price based on the official settlement price?In response to the sauna, Bank of China customer service said at that after the trading time, it cannot be liquidated. Stopping the transaction does not mean shifting the position. The delivery price refers to the official settlement price of the futures contract of the day.Regarding investors’ doubts about the late move time, an executive of a futures research institute said, “This is just being closed and hanging.”On the evening of April 22, the Bank of China stated that for crude oil products, when the market price is not negative, the long position will not trigger a forced liquidation.For those who have determined to enter the position shift or expired rolling difference processing, the termination processing will be completed for the customer at the settlement price, no longer pay attention to the market, strong level.Do you owe the bank money after losing the principal?Unexpectedly, a loss of 250% of investors said that it is better to go stock trading. “You can lose so much in 7 days, I really did not expect it.”Investor Zhang Ming told Sauna and Yewang.”I already knew that I had to reverse the bank’s money and it was better to go stock speculation. There is also a limit in the stock market.”Zhang Ming is an investor in BOC crude oil treasure.”On April 16, he spent 5,000 principals on BOC crude oil treasure. Because the May contract of American Petroleum was negative, the principal was owed to the bank after the loss of 7800 yuan, and a total of 1 was invested.280,000 yuan, the highest range exceeds 250%.On April 22, a text message sent by the Bank of China to Crude Oil customers stated: After careful confirmation by the Bank, on April 20, US time, the WTI crude oil May futures contract CME official settlement price was -37.USD 63 / barrel is the effective price.According to the “Bank of China Co., Ltd. Financial Market Personal Product Agreement” signed by the customer and our bank, the US crude oil contract of our crude oil product has been rolled or moved with reference to the CME official settlement price.Clients with long positions are requested to make up for the payment in time according to the profit and loss of closing the position.At the same time, the Bank of China suspended the new open trades of customers Crude Oil (including US oil, British oil), the reason is mentioned in the text message, it is “for the current market risk and delivery risk”, and the Bank of China also said that the closed positions of customers who hold positions are notInfringe.Zhang Ming’s experience is staged on the long-term clients of Crude Oil.Since the beginning of this year, the price of crude oil has been steadily falling, and more and more people have participated in the crude oil bargain-hunting as bulls.”Now the price is so low, it will definitely go up,” Cui Xiang (pseudonym) recalled to reporters his mentality of buying at the time.He bought 40,000 crude oil treasures and currently owes the bank 120,000, a total decrease of 160,000.The amount of some investors to cover losses is huge.According to a statement provided by an investor to the reporter, the investor opened the position with a principal of 270,000 yuan and owed 63 to the bank.280,000 yuan, overall 90.280,000 yuan, expected to exceed 300%.BOC launched the “Crude Oil” product in January 2018 to provide domestic individual customers with trading services linked to overseas crude oil futures. Customers make their own trading decisions.Individual customers conducting “Crude Oil Treasure” are required to submit 100% margin, sustainable leveraged transactions.”I saw that this product does not provide leverage. I thought that I would get the most out of the principal. I really didn’t expect to lose money after the negative oil price,” said Cui Xiang.When the US Air Force plunged in March, this transaction was pushed on the WeChat public account of a branch of Bank of China. According to screenshots provided by Weibo netizens, the promotional information of BOC Crude Oil said: “Crude oil is cheaper than water.”Transactions”, the evaluation in the publicity said that if investors shorted 100 barrels of US crude oil contracts on March 5 and closed positions on March 9, the five-day time rate of return would exceed 37%.This investment is called “black gold” investment.However, the reporter found the WeChat official account and found that it published the so-called “crude oil is cheaper than water, BOC takes you to trade” promotion of crude oil 26 days ago, but currently clicks to find that the article has been deleted by the publisher.The agreement said that the good margin fell to 20% strong, why not?Stop trading at ten o’clock in the evening, shouldn’t it be a shift at ten o’clock?Why is the delivery price according to the official settlement price?”BOC’s notice triggered three consecutive questions from investors.On the evening of April 20, the U.S. crude oil futures price May WTI contract fell to -37 a barrel a day before expiration.63 US dollars, closing in negative value for the first time in history.”The trading system was closed at night, and I found it impossible to trade after trying at 22:15. I thought that the Bank of China would force liquidation when the margin mentioned in the agreement fell to 20%, but I did not expect to watch and watch all the way down to a negative value.The result was a loss of nearly 300%.”Zhang Ming said.Crude oil products are linked to overseas crude oil futures, similar to the operation of futures trading, according to the agreement, the contract will be terminated on the contract termination processing date, in accordance with the customer’s pre-specified method, to carry out the position or gradually crush the difference.Among them, the position shift refers to all current contracts held by the closing client; while the opening margin refers to all current contracts held by the closing client only.Cui Xiang said, why didn’t the position shift and month change at ten o’clock in the evening?He believes that if BOC moves positions according to trading hours, investor losses can be reduced.In response to the question of why the position was not closed, the sauna and Yewang called BOC customer service. The customer service replied that if BOC crude oil is the last trading day of the contract, the trading time is 9: 00-22: 00, and the bank will not be more than 22:00A forced liquidation operation was conducted, and the margin fell below 20% after 10 o’clock last night.The price for the spread and settlement is set at -37.63 USD / barrel, customer service refuses to weigh, stop trading at 10 pm does not mean that the position will be moved at 10 pm, the delivery price refers to the official settlement price of the exchange contract on the day, the average price of 2: 28-2: 30 in Beijing timeSettlement was carried out, but the specific time for crude oil treasure to move positions was not registered.”Can I still do this?”Investors said after seeing the response and so on.Some investors said on Weibo that he believes that this product is a high-risk product after 22:00 on April 20, and there is a risk of total loss of principal and even supplement of margin. Bank of China did not fully disclose risk to customers beforehand.Online testing of risk-taking ability of customers.Another Weibo netizen said that the battle had been promoted by Crude Oil Po, but found that he did not dare to start with an unclear description of the risks and “escaped.”Another futures practitioner said that from a rule point of view, if the investor does not close the position during trading hours, that is, it is replaced by accepting to close the position at the settlement price of the day.Regarding the issue of liquidation, the Bank of China stated that for crude oil products, when the market price is not negative, the long position will not trigger a forced liquidation.For those who have determined to enter the position shift or expired rolling difference processing, the termination processing will be completed for the customer at the settlement price, no longer pay attention to the market, strong level.Among the three major banks, the latest move of the Bank of China Bank of China’s crude oil treasure product design flaws?In the market, in addition to the Bank of China launched the crude oil treasure business, ICBC and CCB also launched similar products.What makes Crude Oil’s clients “big head” is that the time for other additional banks to move their positions is earlier than that of the Bank of China, which avoids the situation of “finding bank money”.Because of this, “Why move to the last time?””An important point that led investors to question the Bank’s product design capabilities.Crude Oil’s trading strategy is that investors can only buy a near-month contract, that is, the May contract of American Oil is delivered on April 21, 2020, and investors cannot directly buy the June contract of American Oil until April 20, 2020.You can only purchase the May oil contract for May first. After the May contract is settled, investors can choose to move their positions to the June contract for May oil.The time when Crude Oil shifted its position was to shift the position in the US market on the penultimate day of the last trading day, and the huge changes in the market on the evening of April 20th led to the replacement of customers.According to the situation of the crude oil futures transfer of major banks announced by Kaifeng Investment, from April 8 to April 14, the world’s largest crude oil ETF fund USO US oil May contract was completed.The account crude oil WTI05 contract is shifted, and the closing price is basically between 21-20 US dollars / barrel.On April 20, the Bank of China Crude Oil Bao WTI05 contract moved, and April 21 was the last trading day of WTI05.Judging from the time of shifting positions, the shifting time of Bank of China is later than that of ICBC and CCB.”They’re the latest at home. Isn’t this close the door?”A senior researcher executive told reporters.It turns out that when the market for crude oil futures is near high and low, it is easy to move positions. Now the market has become near low and high, and it is very stressful to move positions.”In the past month, everyone’s bottom-cutting behavior has been very concentrated, and positions are very strong. The amount of positions has been enlarged several times at a time, and the position shift is very small.”If you don’t come out in time, you will be stared by the bear.”For the Bank of China to close the position at the last moment for the month, the executive said:” In the case of a relatively large market change, it is impossible to hedge completely, or it is possible that the slippage is too large. “”Once the market price drops sharply, when the unit price of U.S. oil is $ 20, 200,000 orders are placed, and the final deal may be 50,000. If the remaining 150,000 is too late to hedge, it may be that the price you soldThe actual value is much lower, basically it is possible to lose a lot of money in this very short arrangement.It has something to do with the market capacity, because there is no such a large counterparty to deal with, and it is impossible to close the position.Said the executive.Wang Deyi, a lawyer from the search for real-life law firms, said whether the Bank of China is opposed to having the corresponding transaction rules published or informing customers that under the circumstances of legal and effective transactions, investors can accept the reality of willingness to gamble and lose.However, he believes that whether it is linked to the US crude oil trading varieties or British crude oil trading varieties, there is the possibility of not obtaining a legal license for domestic trading.This trading system is essentially a market maker system for betting with customers.Bank of China Crude Oil said in the product description that it continues to trade, so he believes that the trading product and trading rules are not essentially balanced with futures.The highest foreign exchange transaction in the year must obtain the business license of the State Council or the China Securities Regulatory Commission, otherwise it is illegal and invalid.Chen Leibo, an attorney at Jingshi Law Firm, believes that the first step in deciding whether a bank is liable is the identification of a qualified investor, and whether BOC has really conducted an audit. As far as there are a large number of small investors in Crude Oil, there is a situation where it is not recognized.The second is whether or not to give investors a risk warning of the trading rules. The May WTI oil futures contract expires on Tuesday (April 21). Buyers must sell or actually deliver in time. Does this remind investors in advanceThe third question is whether the Bank of China is a broker or a futures investor, whether it is to follow the investor’s instructions to buy and sell, or whether the Bank of China independently judges to buy and sell, and according to the agreement provided by the investor, the agreement shows that the possible lossIn the case of gold, although it was written that investors may need to supplement the margin, there is no hint that there will be a more serious risk than loss of principal in a transaction. It may be that BOC itself did not expect the futures price to be negative.The fourth question is whether the Bank of China’s investment in US futures products through the so-called crude oil treasure needs to be approved by the futures regulatory agency, and whether it needs to be filed or approved by the bank regulatory agency requires special attention.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Shuxin editor Li Weijia Xu Chao proofreading Jia Ning

Huachenyu’s new song is given to patients with depression, with sales exceeding 4.4 million

Huachenyu’s new song is given to patients with depression, with sales exceeding 4.4 million
On December 4, Hua Chenyu’s latest single “I really want to love this world” was officially launched on the music platform, reaching 1 million copies in two minutes.At the time of final publication, this number had climbed to 4.41 million and reached the top of the NetEase Cloud Music Digital Singles chart.New single cover. It is reported that this song is the first of the Martian trilogy created by Hua Chenyu this year, and it is about a song about depression.,如果有一天当他愿意告诉你他可能生病了,证明他把你当作他非常重要的人,所以那时候请你不要第一时间说‘我觉得你没事啊,你平时看起来挺正常的啊’类似这种话,你要知道,当你说完的那一刻,可能会让他对世界和人都产生恐慌。”Hua Chenyu said that for those friends who are going to be sick or already sick, he very much hopes that they can get warm from this song,” If you are doing well, I hope you can care for your friends who are about to be sick or are already sick. ” “Sauna, editor Yang Chang Tian Ai Ni proofreading Liu Baoqing

[How much is barley tea degeneration?

]_Nutrition Value_Calories

[How much is barley tea degeneration?

]_Nutrition Value_Calories

Barley tea is a very common drink in daily life. The health benefits of moderate intake are many. Although barley tea is often used, for those who want to lose weight, this kind of barley tea is the most important thing for everyone.The problem is that people who love beauty usually pay special attention to their diet and drinks. Although some teas are delicious and have high nutritional value, they are very high.

What is the denaturation of barley tea?

Barley tea (trace: 305 calories / 100g) requires 100g of basketball to transform.

Consumed in 6 minutes.

Every 100 grams of this food contains: Aunt 3.

40 grams; protein 13.

00 grams; cobalt 77.

60 grams.

Although the conversion of 100 grams of tea is as high as 305 kcal, the water brewed from barley tea is zero-transferred, and the water brewed from barley tea is indeed zero-transferred, because research shows that barley tea excludes theophylline, caffeine, tannin, etc.Therefore, the brewed tea is free of impurities.

Barley tea is rich in a variety of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, protein and supplementary fiber. Specifically, it contains 17 trace elements and more than 19 kinds of amino acids. It is the most nutritious and healthy drink, and it is the ideal drink for people to pursue health.

Barley is rich in precipitated fiber. Soluble barley fiber is easily absorbed by the human body. It has a hypolipidemic effect. It contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, which is good for the human body, and contains saponin, which can inhibit the rise of cholesterol and low impurities.Can meet the needs of fat reduction.

Golden yellow color, charming fragrance, barley tea has won the reputation of “Oriental Coffee” with its unique charm.

Do you often drink barley tea to lose weight?
1. Friends who have lost barley tea for weight loss know that barley tea is very sweet and delicious, and many people like to drink barley tea in winter.

And barley tea contains a variety of vitamins and proteins, which is a very nutritious health drink.

In addition, there are a lot of supplementary fiber and soluble barley fiber in the barley, which can be easily absorbed by the human body and has the function of lowering blood fat.

Therefore, we can understand that barley tea is not only rich in nutrition, low in conversion, but also can achieve the effect of weight loss.

2. The soaking method first causes the barley to be put into a pan, fried into golden yellow, and then all the barley is sealed into a small bag.

When you want to drink barley tea, just take an appropriate amount of barley into a cup, and then brew it with boiling water for about 3 minutes, you can smell a particularly strong and sweet barley taste.

You can also put an appropriate amount of water into the pot. After boiling, add a small bag of barley tea and cook for 10 minutes.

Also, if you are unwilling to drink tea in the summer, you can consider putting boiled barley tea in the refrigerator to relieve the heat and lose weight.

[Chuanbei cannot eat with what]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[Chuanbei cannot eat with what]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

Chuanbei is a kind of medicinal material. It has a different classification. Generally, we eat Chuanbei in soup for soup or stew in Sydney. It mainly uses the effectiveness of Chuanbei to clear away heat and relieve heat and relieve cough and expectorant.So everyone should know how to make Chuanbei Sydney.

Then, when we eat Chuanbei, we should pay attention to the principle of food. Chuanbei cannot be eaten with drugs, but other ingredients can be used with Chuanbei.

Fritillaria chuanchuan can’t be paired with anything.

With Fritillaria chuanxiong + Sydney: Huatanzhike cough, nourishing the lungs and nourishing yinchuan Fritillaria + Oryzae: how to eat the nourishing yangyinchuan Fritillaria 1, Snow Pear and Ya Pear can be 2, crushed into the powder 3,Sydney cut into hob blocks 4, add 150ml of boiling water 5, add milled scallop powder and wolfberry, stir for a while 6, put the steamer into the stew pot, cover the pot, heat over low heat for 1 hourChopsticks can easily pierce through Sydney.

After the pan is put into the rock sugar seasoning Chuanbei taboo 1, do not eat spicy, greasy food during taking.

2, spleen and stomach deficiency and cold phlegm, wet phlegm should not be taken with caution.

3, patients with bronchiectasis, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary heart disease, tuberculosis, and diabetes should be taken under the guidance of a physician.

Who can not eat Chuanbei1, spleen and stomach deficiency and cold phlegm, wet phlegm should not be taken with caution.

2. Patients with bronchiectasis, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary heart disease, tuberculosis, or diabetes should be taken under the guidance of a physician.

3, those who are allergic to this product supplement, those with allergies should be used with caution.

Some patients should see if they are not suitable to eat Chuanbei. If they cannot, they should be treated with other medicines on the advice of the doctor.

[Can honeysuckle and goji berries brew tea together]_Red wolfberry_Can you go together

閫氬父寰堝鐢锋€ф湅鍙嬪鑼舵湁寰堝鐨勭爺绌讹紝鑰屼笖杩樹細閽荤爺鍝釜涓滆タ涓庡摢绉嶄笢瑗挎场鍦ㄤ竴璧锋槸浠€涔堟牱鐨勫懗閬撱€傝€屼笖鏈夋椂鍊欐垜浠篃浼氬湪灏忚棰戜腑鐪嬪埌璁稿娉¤尪鐨勮壓鏈紝涓庢场鑼惰繃绋嬩腑鐨勮绌剁瓑绛夈€傞偅涔堥噾閾惰姳鍜屾灨鏉炲瓙鑳戒竴璧锋场鑼跺枬鍚椼€備笅闈㈣灏忕紪鏉ョ粰澶у鍋氬嚭杩欎竴闂鐨勫洖绛斻€傛灨鏉炲瓙鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勎茶儭钀濆崪绱狅紝缁寸敓绱燘1銆佺淮鐢熺礌C銆侀挋銆侀搧锛屽叿鏈夎ˉ鑲濄€佺泭鑲俱€佸吇鑲濇槑鐩€佹鼎鑲虹嚗鐨勪綔鐢紝鍙檷鍘嬨€侀檷鑴傚拰闃叉鍔ㄨ剦纭寲銆傚鑲濊偩涓嶈冻寮曡捣鐨勫ご鏄忚€抽福銆佽鍔涙ā绯娿€佽蹇嗗姏鍑忛€€鍏锋湁淇濆仴娌荤枟鍔熺敤銆傚洜涓烘湰韬氨鍏锋湁鐢滃懗锛屼笉绠℃槸娉¤尪鎴栨槸鍍忚憽钀勫共涓€鏍峰綋闆跺槾鏉ュ悆瀵硅绠楁満鏃忕殑鐪肩潧閰告订銆佺柌鍔炽€佽鍔涘姞娣辩殑闂閮芥湁寰堝ぇ鐨勫府鍔┿€傝強鑺辨灨鏉炶尪涓轰綍鏈夊姝ゅ姛鏁堝憿锛熻強鑺辨湁鐤忛娓呯儹銆佽В姣掓槑鐩殑浣滅敤銆傛灨鏉炶兘鍏婚槾琛ヨ锛岀泭绮炬槑鐩€傘€婅嵂鎬ц銆嬭浇锛氣€滆ˉ鐩婄簿璇镐笉瓒筹紝鈥︹€︽槑鐩畨绁炪€傗€濈幇宸茶瘉瀹烇紝鏋告潪鏈夐檷浣庤绯栫殑浣滅敤锛岃兘闄嶄綆琛€涓儐鍥洪唶锛岄樆姝㈠姩鑴夌播鏍风‖鍖栫殑褰㈡垚锛屼粠鑰岃揪鍒伴闃插啝蹇冪梾鐨勭洰鐨勩€傜湅鏉ワ紝鑿婅姳鏋告潪鑼惰兘棰勯槻鍜屾不鐤楀悇绉嶇溂鐥咃紝瀵圭硸灏跨梾銆侀珮琛€鍘嬨€佸啝蹇冪梾閮芥湁濂藉锛屾渶閫傚疁鑰佸勾浜洪ギ鐢ㄣ€傝劸鑳冭櫄寮辫€呭簲娉ㄦ剰锛屽湪鍒朵綔鏃舵斁涓婂嚑鏋氬ぇ鏋o紝鍔犲己鍋ヨ劸浣滅敤銆?Adze?鏉愭枡:鏋告潪涓€灏忔妸銆佺孩鏋?-4绮掋€傚仛娉?What is the situation in Gancun, Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Jiangxi?鎴栬€呯敤姘寸叜娌稿悗鏈嶇敤銆傛俯棣ㄦ彁绀?1 What are you going to read about?鎴栬€呯伀姘斿緢澶х殑璇?鍙彟鍔犵櫧鑿婅姳1-2鏈典竴璧峰啿鏈嶃€?锛屻€愮粍鎴愩€戞灨鏉炶寧鍙堕矞鍝?0 鍏?30-inch fan?銆傘€愬姛鐢ㄣ€戣ˉ铏氱泭绮?咓 哯 叄 庣 洰 銆?銆愪富娌汇€戠梾鍚庝綋铏?澶存槒鐩姳,鏃舵湁浣庣儹;鎴栧洜鐥呭悗鎴夸簨杩囬,澶存檿,楠ㄨ妭鐑︾儹,鏄撴硠鎴栨ⅵ閬椼€傝強鑺辨灨鏉炶尪鏄敤鑿婅姳鍜屾灨鏉炲悓娉¤€屾垚銆傛瘡娆$敤鏉櫧鑿娿€佹灨鏉炲悇10鍏?What are you talking about? What are you talking about, what are you talking about?10鍒嗛挓鍚庝究鍙ギ鐢ㄣ€傝強鑺卞叿鏈夌枏椋庢竻鐑€佽В姣掓槑鐩殑浣滅敤銆傜幇浠e尰瀛︾爺绌惰瘉鏄?鑿婅姳鍚強鐢欍€佽吅鍢屽懁銆佹皑鍩洪吀銆佽儐纰便€佹按鑻忕⒈銆侀粍閰被3锛屾灨鏉炶尪 锛涙潗鏂欙紱绾㈣尪3鍏嬨€?鏋告潪12鍏嬨€?鲭 氭 硶 逘 皢 璢 璢 ょ  鏉 愭 枡 鏡 Fear of 叆 鏉  腉 兼 屼 双 告 証 哼 鏐 閐 场 劆 叆 叆 叉 叁 叁?锛涘彲浠ヨˉ鑲濊偩锛屽叿鏈変繚鍋ョ溂鐫涚殑浣滅敤锛岃繕鍙互鏀瑰杽浣撹川铏氬急鐨勭棁鐘躲€?

[How to cook soup with flower nails]_How to cook_How to cook

What are you going to do?
Xuan summoned the dead and arguing, and the hornet was horribly afraid of the whole world: Hong Hong, Hong, Hong, Hong, Jiang, Chong, Cang, Cang, Cang, Xun!The most important thing is that the Umbrella is the most popular in the world, and the economy is very rich in the world. The economy is very rich, and the new economy is very fresh.娴烽矞鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊奸珮锛岃繕鍥犱负娴烽矞鍚冭捣鏉ュ彛鎰熺壒鍒ソ锛岃€屼笖娴烽矞閲岄潰瀵屽惈澶ч噺鐨勭鍏冪礌鑳藉棰勯槻浜虹殑澶ц剸瀛愶紝鑺辩敳鐓叉堡涔熸槸寰堝彈澶у娆㈣繋鐨勶紝涓嬮潰缁欏ぇ瀹朵粙缁嶅仛娉曡鍒扮枡鐦╂堡锛岃繖涓ゅぉ杩欎箞鍐凤紝鍠濈偣鐑箮涔庣殑姹ゆ按鐗瑰埆鏆栬韩锛岃儍涓嶅ソ鐨勪汉杩樿兘鏆栨殩鑳冦€傜枡鐦╂堡鏄寳鏂逛汉瀹舵瘮杈冪埍鍠濈殑姹わ紝涓€鑸汉瀹惰繕鏄細鍔犵暘鑼勶紝浠婂ぉ鍋氫竴涓笉涓€鏍风殑鐤欑槱姹わ紝鐢ㄨ姳鐢蹭唬鏇跨暘鑼勶紝鍋氫竴娆鹃矞缇庣殑娴烽矞鐤欑槱姹ゃ€備粖澶╄繖纰楁捣椴滅枡鐦╂堡锛屼竴鐐归兘涓嶅じ寮狅紝灏忕紪杩欎箞鐦︾殑韬瓙楠紝鍠濅簡鏁存暣涓ゅぇ纰楀憿锛屽己鐑堟帹鑽愬皬浼欎即瀛︿細杩欓亾鑿溿€傜敤鏂欙細鑺辩敳銆侀潰绮夈€佽儭钀濆崪銆侀浮铔嬨€侀浮楠ㄥご銆佽懕銆佺敓濮滃仛娉曪細鍏堟妸鑺辩敳鍐锋按涓嬮攨鐓紝绛夎姳鐢插紑澹充箣鍚庢崬鍑猴紝鐒跺悗鎶婅姳鐢茶倝鍏堝彇鍑哄鐢ㄣ€傛妸鑳¤悵鍗滃垏涓併€佽懕鍜岀敓濮滈兘鍒囨垚鏈鐢ㄣ€傚線闈㈢矇閲屽姞姘达紝鍙鍔犱竴鐐圭偣锛岀敤绛峰瓙鎼呮媽鎴愰潰绲€傞攨閲屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勬按锛屽姞鍏ラ浮楠ㄥご銆佽懕鏈€佺敓濮滄湯浠ュ強鏂欓厭锛岀儳涓€閿呴浮姹わ紝绛夐攨閲岀叜娌镐箣鍚庯紝鎹炲嚭楦¢澶达紝骞朵笖鐢ㄦ紡缃戞紓鍘讳笂闈㈢殑娴搏銆傛帴鐫€鎶婅儭钀濆崪涓佸拰闈㈢诞鍒嗗埆鍊掑叆閿呬腑锛屽苟涓斿姞鐩愬拰涓€鐐规祿缂╅浮姹佽皟鍛炽€傞攨閲屾哺鑵句箣鍚庯紝鍐嶆妸鍓╀綑鐨勯潰绮夎皟鎴愰潰绯婂€掑叆閿呬腑銆傜瓑閿呴噷姹ゅ彉绋嶅井娴撶涔嬪悗锛屽€掑叆鎵撴暎鐨勮泲娑层€傛渶鍚庡姞鍏ヨ姳鐢茶倝鐓紝鍔犵偣鐧借儭妞掔矇璋冨懗锛屼竴浼氬効灏卞彲浠ュ嚭閿呬簡銆?

[Can Nest Bee Wax be eaten?

Professionals to answer!

]_ Can you eat it?

[Can Nest Bee Wax be eaten?
Professionals to answer!
]_ Can you eat it?

People usually eat honey. Everyone is very familiar with honey. In general, many people do not know about beeswax. In fact, when people extract honey, a lot of beeswax also appears. Beeswax is actually a kind secreted by worker bees.Substance, beeswax has a very wide range of uses, and can be eaten directly, and is very rich in nutrients, rich in vitamin a, carotene and so on.

First, can beeswax of honeycomb honey be eaten?

Beeswax is a complex organic substance that is secreted by the wax adenosine of worker bees. It contains organic acids, free fatty acids, free fatty acids, free radicals, carotenoids, vitamin A, and some aromatic substances.edible.
Second, the benefits of eating beeswax Detoxification beeswax is also called yellow wax, white wax, etc. It has the effect of detoxifying and analgesic, and has the most obvious detoxifying effect on bee venom. At the same time, it also has detoxifying effects on snake venom and food endotoxins.
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory beeswax contains a lot of antibacterial ingredients, and also has the effect of sealing. It has a therapeutic effect on the treatment of ulcers, trauma infections and fungal infections. Melting and external application can block the air and promote wound healing.

Third, the disadvantages of eating beeswax Indigestion Beeswax is waxy, and many substances will solidify at low temperatures. If it is eaten cold, it is difficult to be digested by the human body, and excessive growth will cause indigestion.

Fourth, how to eat the best beeswax The best way to eat beeswax is not to eat it directly, but to dissolve beeswax and use it as a seasoning, anti-mucus, etc. This way the amount of replacement is very small, it only has a beneficial effect on the human body, and will not havea little.

Fifth, can beeswax of beehive honey beeswax, also known as yellow wax, beeswax.

Beeswax is a trace substance secreted by 4 pairs of wax glands in the abdomen of working-age workers.

In bee colonies, worker bees use their secreted wax to build nests and spleens, ovary caps and feed chamber caps.

Nest spleen is a place for bees to store food, nurture bees and colonies. Therefore, beeswax is not only a product of bee colonies, but also a substance necessary for its survival and reproduction.

Tower Group (002233) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: 2019H2 Demand Gradually Releases Regional Boom

Tower Group (002233) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: 2019H2 Demand Gradually Releases Regional Boom

Event: The company announced that it achieved revenue 44 in the first three quarters of 2019.

32 ppm, 10-year average2.

02%, net profit attributable to mother 10.

53 ‰, 15 years ago.

65%; of which Q3 achieved revenue of 15 in a single quarter.

72 trillion, the same increase of 5.

42%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

53 ‰, an average of 8 in ten years.


Opinion: Q3 volume rose and prices fell, and performance was slightly lower than expected.

In the first three quarters of 19, the company achieved cement sales of 1,314.

75 for the first time, growing 8 per year.

56%, ahead of Guangdong’s first three quarters of incremental cement output growth (0.

99%), of which Q2 sales are about 490 digits, an annual increase of about 16%.

The Guangdong area was still affected by rain weather in early July-August, and the construction of the project was slow, which resulted in an increase in cement production in Guangdong Province in July.

67%, but it can enter the middle and late August. Rainwater weather decreases and downstream demand recovers quickly. Guangdong’s cement output increased by 3 in August and September respectively.

54%, 18.

24%, the release of demand has driven the company’s production and sales growth; and due to the changes in regional demand in the previous period, the regional prices in July were still in a downward channel, and the regional prices rose significantly in September. We calculated the average cement clinker of Q3 companyThe ex-factory price is about 305 yuan / ton, with a cumulative decrease of about 23 yuan / ton every ten years, and a monthly offset of about 10 yuan / ton. At the same time, due to factors such as the standard load of the vehicle and environmental protection, the purchase price of cement accessories has increased, resulting in a slight overall costThere has been an increase. It is estimated that the cost of Q3 ton is about 202 yuan / ton, which is an annual increase of about 1.

2 yuan / ton, gross profit per ton is about 102 yuan, at least about 24 yuan / ton per year, and the profit level is obvious. The three ton fee is about 16 yuan / ton, which is basically the same.

The company has good cash flow and a strong balance sheet.

The company’s operating 合肥夜网 cash flow in the third quarter was 4.

USD 6.9 billion, a small increase in one year, an increase of about 32% from the second quarter; the company’s cash on hand at the end of the reporting period was 8.

8.4 billion, tradable financial assets of about 2 billion, and asset-liability ratio of only 13.

2%, the company’s overall cash flow is good, the excess cash flow supplementation guarantee plan business is steadily advancing, and the remaining liabilities are repaid, reducing financial costs; at the same time, the company still maintains a high dividend return to shareholders, and the company has distributed cash dividends to all shareholders for every 10 shares3 yuan (including tax), if the same dividend plan in the second half of the year, the current dividend rate is about 6%, which is very attractive.

Demand for 厦门夜网 H2 will gradually pick up in 2019, and the construction of the Greater Bay Area will boost demand in the medium term.

Entering mid-to-late August, through the improvement of weather, regional infrastructure, real estate and rural demand gradually released, Guangdong ‘s crop growth in September.

2%, leading the nation. At present, the third round of price increases has started in the Pearl River Delta region, and the prosperity of the Q4 region has been further improved. We believe that against the background of the country’s increasing infrastructure counter-cyclical adjustment, Guangdong ‘s infrastructure investment of up to one trillion will increase.It will stimulate regional demand and meanwhile, the construction of the Greater Bay Area will bring new increases and boost mid-term demand. It is expected that the company’s second plug-in kiln line will be put into operation at the end of its operation, and the production capacity will be expanded to take full advantage of the high regional prosperity.
Investment suggestion: Based on the industry pattern in southern China and the company’s capacity distribution, we lower the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 1.

22 (-15.

9%), 1.

5 (+ 23%) and 1.

7 (+13.

5%) yuan, corresponding to PE estimates for 19-21 are 8, 6 respectively.

5 and 5.

7 times, temporarily maintaining target price of 13.

6 yuan and “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the scale of investment in fixed assets expands, production is less than expected, and the price of raw fuels rises sharply;