[Side effects of ordinary contraceptives]_ contraceptives _ harms _ effects _ adverse reactions

[Side effects of ordinary contraceptives]_ contraceptives _ harms _ effects _ adverse reactions

Many couples now use contraceptives when taking contraceptive methods, especially for women. The most common use of contraceptives, but there are some alternatives to contraceptives.Your body will cause a certain impact. Let me introduce to you the alternatives to ordinary contraceptives.

(1) If the type of early pregnancy reaction is serious, the time of taking the medicine can be set after lunch, or with the contraceptive reaction inhibition tablets at the same time in each cycle, 1 tablet each time, 1 day?
2 times for a total of 1?
2 days.

Long-acting contraceptives have a lighter early pregnancy response than oral medications and generally do not require treatment.

(2) Irregular vaginal bleeding during menstruation.

For irregular bleeding caused by long-acting oral contraceptives, you can add 1 ethinyl estradiol tablet. If you still have bleeding, you can use other contraceptive methods.

(3) The menstrual cycle is shortened, which can be 4 before each menstrual period.
5 days, taking short-acting contraceptives daily?
2 tablets for 5 days to prolong menstruation.

(4) Too much or too little menstrual flow, usually without treatment, can return to normal after stopping the drug.

Individuals with a significant increase in menstrual flow should consider discontinuing the drug, further identifying the cause, and switching to other contraceptives.

(5) Breast swelling, palpitations, flushing, backache, abdominal pain, etc., can return to normal after stopping the medicine.

(6) headache.

Pay attention to measuring blood pressure. If the blood pressure is normal, continue to use the medicine. If the headache persists, stop taking the medicine.

(7) Individuals may have allergic reactions.

If you have an allergic reaction, you should stop medicine or injection and use other contraceptives.

(8) Leucorrhea increases and generally does not require treatment.

If you find a lot of leucorrhea, and there is odor, itching of the vulva, etc., you should go to the hospital to check, rule out other causes of vaginitis, and treat the brakes in time.

Plasma after fast-acting oral contraceptives: (1) Early pregnancy reactions.

Family-visiting contraceptives have a milder degree of early pregnancy-like reactions and generally do not require treatment.

Among them, the nausea and vomiting of 53 family visiting anti-pregnancy tablets were more obvious, and those who responded to short-acting oral contraceptives with severe early pregnancy-like reactions.

(2) Irregular vaginal bleeding during menstruation, taking ethinyl estradiol tablets 1?
2 tablets, even 3?
5 days.

(3) Amenorrhea.

Can be injected with progesterone or take a short-acting oral contraceptive tablet 2, 2 tablets daily for 3 days.

The above are some supplements about contraceptives. Generally speaking, if you take the contraceptives for a long time, most women will have irregular menstruation and chaotic cycles. In addition, there may be excessive vaginal discharge and even amenorrhea.At that time, you must not use it indiscriminately. You should consult a doctor. It is better to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

[How to make whole wheat cartoon biscuits]_Home wheat biscuits common practice _Whole wheat cartoon biscuits practice Daquan_how to make whole wheat cartoon biscuits

[How to make whole wheat cartoon biscuits]_Home wheat biscuits common practice _Whole wheat cartoon biscuits practice Daquan_how to make whole wheat cartoon biscuits

Reasonable diet is our best way to maintain good health. Many people neglect diet due to work alternation. In fact, it should not be done. In fact, we can not cook too much for ourselves. Time, whole wheat.The practice of cartoon cookies is easy, and it is easy to learn even without a foundation.

1. Add sugar to egg liquid and stir well.

2. Add corn oil and stir well.

3. Sift all powders and knead them.

4. Knead into balls, don’t stir too much.

5. Roll into thin slices and shape with your favorite mold.

6, put the test plate at a certain distance, preheat the oven at 130 degrees, and bake for about 20 minutes.

7. It’s not easy to cook when you are ready to cook, but the practice of whole wheat cartoon biscuits is very simple. As long as you take a little thought, you can make yourself eat delicious food.

[Is it allergic to eating lamb?


[Is it allergic to eating lamb?

I believe that everyone likes to eat mutton. Compared with pork and beef, the price of mutton will be more expensive. It is very cold in autumn and winter. In this season, hot mutton is very good. In winter, eat mutton.Has a good warm-up effect, can help treat stomach cold and palace cold and other problems, in addition to eating mutton has a lot of nourishing effect, then eating mutton may cause allergies?

Is it allergic to eating lamb?
Eating lamb may be allergic.

Pay attention to changes in the body and find allergic substances. Do not use it again in the future.

Consider examining allergens to guide prevention of allergies.

Most allergens are allergies caused by diet, especially beef and mutton seafood. It is recommended that you go to the hospital for an allergen check to see if it is taken orally.Food allergies that can be used are diseases caused by the body’s immune response to certain ingredients in food.

Usually people think that they are allergic to a certain food, but they are actually intolerant to this kind of food. This situation should be an adverse reaction to a certain food, not a food allergy.

Because food intolerance is similar to the symptoms of some food allergies, people often mix the two.

The essential difference in this good general disease is that the former does not require the involvement of the immune system.

It is rare for patients who do have food allergies. Only children have the disease, and adults may have the disease.

[Symptoms and conventional treatment of food allergies]Like other allergic reactions, food allergies are caused by the immune system’s transfer of originally harmless substances as harmful substances and release of histamine.

In theory, any food can trigger a sensory response.

But in fact, up to 90% of food allergies are issued by the following 8 types of food: dairy products, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.), fish and shellfish.

At present, the way to prevent food allergies is very simple: do not eat any food that can cause allergies.

Although this method sounds very simple, it is not easy to implement.

Quitting your favorite foods is a great test in itself, not to mention avoiding certain allergens that are easy to find.

For example, who would think that for a person with milk allergy, even chocolate is difficult to avoid watching with traces of peanuts, which may be left on the machine when making other candy.

People who are highly allergic to peanuts will also have an allergic reaction if they eat this chocolate.

If you eat foods that can cause allergies, you will soon experience symptoms such as itchy skin and edema of the lips, tongue, and throat.

Other symptoms such as runny nose, poor breathing, dizziness, rash, facial flushing, etc. occur later.

Some patients may also develop symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting.

These relatively mild symptoms can be treated with antihistamines, and topical medications can also be applied to the affected area if necessary, but these often do not solve the fundamental problem of allergies, but can alleviate the symptoms of allergies and use topical hormone ointment for a long time.Can cause hormone-sensitive dermatitis, affecting the child’s skin damage.

[Can hummus be eaten during pregnancy]_Bread_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can hummus be eaten during pregnancy]_Bread_Pregnancy_Impact

Bean paste bread is a kind of pasta that is more common in our lives. Bean paste bread is just soft and soft, and the bean paste is rich in nutritional value. It is delicious when eaten together, and it is relatively healthy to eat. After pregnancy, the fetus needsMore nutrition, so pregnant women can eat bean paste bread, you can also make bean paste bread will be more delicious.

Can pregnant women eat bean paste bags: Yes.

Method: 1. Wash the red beans and soak them overnight; 2. Put the red beans into the stew pot, put the red beans in half the water and add rock sugar. After the high heat is boiled, change the low fire to cook the red beans;Take out the red beans, place them in a sieve, and squeeze out the sand with a spoon.One step is completed; 5. Put the red bean paste into the wok, and heat it up with a spoon to remove most of the water.7, continue to stir continuously to completely melt the sugar, and then add the emu oil in portions.

Stir well; 8, well, the taste is fine, pure, and the sweetened bean paste is finished. Put it in the refrigerator, refrigerate it, and it will not be embarrassed to miss the stuffing when you take it out.

Key points: 1. The process in step 5 is very long, but don’t fire it!

2. The amount of sugar added in step 6 will not be mentioned, according to personal taste, but I do not recommend too much, too sweet will mask the fragrance of bean paste itself!

3, there is the ratio of emu oil to red bean paste is almost 1:50.

俺 It is strongly recommended that if you make a bean paste bag, you must make a homemade bean paste stuffing, which will be much better than the ready-made taste in the supermarket. You can make more at a time, buns can not be used, and you can also make bread and other foods. Women can eat when pregnantHowever, when eating bean paste bags, women should choose the right amount every time, so as not to cause a burden on the human body. It will also help the body when eating. At the same time, the above also details the making of bean paste bags.

Cycling fitness riding method determines the exercise effect

Cycling fitness riding method determines the exercise effect

In the fitness club, the bicycle fitness device is loved by the fitness person, because it can adjust the restraint, generally divided into 20 files, the above liquid crystal display can show your heart rate, let you always understand your exercise intensity, thus improve the heart and lungs, exercise muscles, shaping the feet.

But the different riding methods, the exercise effect is not the same.

  Medium strength can reduce fat and lose weight: the main purpose of weight loss, the rider can adjust the bicycle exerciser to moderate sensitivity, the rider’s heart rate is maintained at no more than 65% of the maximum heart rate, and continuous riding for 30 minutes or so,Can burn more aunts to supply the rider energy.

At the same time, the rider should pay attention to deepen the breathing, which is even effective for weight loss, and can improve heart and lung function.

  A small amount of rapid exercise heart and lung: improve the cardiopulmonary function mainly for a longer period of time, faster mode, so that the rider’s heart rate reaches more than 85% of the maximum heart rate.

This can effectively exercise the cardiovascular system of the human body, and can also improve the endurance of the whole body muscles, especially the thigh muscles.

  Fast and slow combined with strengthening the leg muscles: The mode of the bicycle exerciser can be adjusted, such as uphill, downhill, etc., so that by adjusting the mode, you can slowly ride for a few minutes, then ride for a few minutes, so that the cycle is alternately.

  It can improve the strength of the legs, endurance and effectively prevent the occurrence of thigh bone disorders, effectively exercise the heart function of the human body, and increase the freshness and fun of the exercise.

Especially suitable for people who have just exercised with a bicycle exerciser and have poor leg strength.

  Fitness in the fitness club, also divided into horizontal bicycle fitness equipment, vertical bicycle fitness equipment.

When you start exercising with a bicycle exerciser, the riding speed should not be too fast. The time is usually 20?
40 minutes.

  If you feel tired during the trip, you can ride 2 slower per second?
5 minutes to restore strength.

For young people who are fashionable and passionate, they can choose a spinning bike with strong music and strong penetration.

Choose the right time for drinking, follow your health

Choose the right time for drinking, follow your health

According to experts, the elderly do not drink water at night before going to bed, which can lead to plasma concentration, increased blood viscosity and hypercoagulability of plasma, which can promote thrombosis in vivo.

For the elderly or people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking a glass of water before going to bed at night can prevent fatal infarction, so choosing the right time to drink water has many benefits for the body.

  Too many elderly people are not used to drinking water before going to bed, afraid to get up at night to urinate.

In fact, the elderly have atrophy of the bladder, the capacity is reduced, and it is necessary to start the night without drinking water.

The elderly have reduced systolic function due to hypertension, and there are many nighttime urinations, which leads to lack of water in the body, easy to make the blood thick, and the blood flow of the heart and brain increases, which is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

For the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, due to changes in the intima of the blood vessels, blood viscosity is high, and it is easy to form an expansive stroke, and the lack of water at night is even greater.

Therefore, drinking water in the middle of the night is very important.

  Drinking a glass of water after getting up can make the blood circulation normally, and prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

  Run water after running, exercise at least, add water, supplement the body to keep clean, but also help the liver detoxification and improvement of renal function and endocrine function, improve immune function, prevent colds, pharyngitis, arthritis and certain skindisease.

Eating habits determine your fat and thin

Eating habits determine your fat and thin

Recently, scientists in London conducted a research survey: 10 volunteers with different skin colors and slim bodies gathered together. Under the guidance of scientists, can we study how thin people can become fat through madness?

The experiment was conducted at Westminster University in central London, with 10 volunteers weighing an average of only 63 kg.

In a one-month experiment, the conversions they replace each day must be equal to the body’s needs and do not perform any exercise.

Each week, the team members will weigh these volunteers, measure the amount, and then detect the changes in the body’s trace content.

The experiment stipulates that once a member gains more than 15%, it will be considered overweight and leave the experiment.

  In fact, cockroaches were identified as the chief culprit of obesity.

Continuously ingesting high-transition foods, sputum cells are stretched and even split more, and people will become fatter.

Therefore, people often control their weight by dieting or exercising.

But these volunteers are full of confidence and say that they never diet on weekdays, that is, they don’t eat fat.

  However, in the first week of the experiment, most people first broke their brains about how to eat the 5,000-card gap every day.

In order to meet the standard, many people have to eat high-purity cheese pizza, ice cream, chocolate, and croissants baked with thick butter.

More than one person is sad and sad, he never eats snacks, and it is hard to die to support so much food.

This conservative diet may be one of the reasons why volunteers stay slim.

疙瘩 健 健 stomach absorption good

疙瘩 健 健 stomach absorption good

Speaking of soup, people born in the north before the 1960s and 1970s may have the deepest impression.

At that time, many people in order to save trouble and save, dinner often drink this soup that is both a soup and a staple food.

  Nowadays, the soup has gone to the elegant hall – many large hotels have, and are very popular with customers.

The soup we have now eats a lot more ingredients than the original soup, such as eggs, mushrooms, meat (chicken, shrimp, squid, shellfish), rapeseed, tomatoes, etc., more nutritious, taste more delicious.

  The soup in the soup can be clear water or pork ribs soup, fish soup, bone soup and so on.

From a dietary health point of view, soup is more suitable for dinner, because pasta is easy to digest.

  The soup can be made into a vegetarian vegetable soup or a meat soup.

Soups seasoned with eggs, meat, etc. are especially suitable for mental workers and can supplement protein.

For those who are weak and have poor digestive function, they are more suitable for light, vegetarian soups, mainly eggs, oilseeds, and tomatoes. They have both color, appetite, and nutrients, which are good for digestion and absorption.

  Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and cellulose, which can change the acidic body presented by eating more animal foods, which helps to strengthen the body’s immunity.

For those who are unsatisfied with appetite or who often have alcoholic drinks, they are also more suitable for drinking soup.

  The nutritional value of the soup is that the flour contains a large amount of vitamin B. In an acidic environment, vitamin B1 is relatively stable, but when alkali is added as a pasta, this stability is destroyed.

When cooking noodles, a lot of nutrients will be lost to the noodle soup. When cooking dumplings, some nutrients will also be lost.

The soup can keep a variety of nutrients in the flour in the soup, which can well avoid the loss of nutrients in the pasta.

The so-called “original soup raw food” also fully illustrates this point.

  The specific practice of soup is: 1.

After the pot is hot, add some vegetable oil to heat it, put the shredded pork in the pot and stir-fry it, then add the shredded mushrooms and stir-fry until the flavor is sautéed. (If it is the soup, you can directly fry the shredded mushrooms and cut it.Stir-fry the tomatoes, then add two bowls of water (or ribs soup, fish soup, bone soup) to boil.


The half bowl of flour is made into a thin noodles with cold water for use.


After the water is boiled, pour the noodles into the pot and boil, add the eggs and vegetables, boil again, add chopped green onion, instead of salt, you can eat.

  When making noodles, the water should be poured into the bowl a little bit, so that it can be stirred while pouring water, and must use cold water, so that the noodles will be made small and thin, and cooked in the pan.

Do not cook too long, otherwise the color is not good, and the taste is very bad.

How does vegetarianism allow body shaping to go through

How does vegetarianism allow body shaping to go through

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved and vegetarians have gradually increased.

Especially those who want to lose weight are more vegetarian loyalists.

But how does vegetarianism lose weight?

Can you really lose weight by eating only vegetarian food?

Let’s talk about it with Xiaobian!

  In fact, vegetarian food is suitable for a specific group of people, but does not include those with poor nutrient absorption capacity or in an extraordinary period. The body needs a variety of special nutrition groups, such as chronic diseases, pregnant women and menopausal women.

  These people do not recommend vegetarian food, especially vegan.

If conditions permit, it is recommended to obtain protein and calcium from eggs, milk and soy products. According to recent scientific research, the proportion of amino acids in milk and eggs is most suitable for the human body.

  How does vegetarian diet work?

  Vegetarian food can certainly help to lose weight, but it should be carried out under the guidance of experts and doctors.

It is recommended that women who love beauty take an intermittent vegetarian diet.

For example, a few days in a month is a vegetarian period, a large number of foods and waters are eaten, and cellulose and pectin are purified and replaced, and the accumulated toxins and wastes are discharged.

  At the same time, the intake is appropriately reduced to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss.

It does not mean complete vegetarianism, because women have completely eliminated the adverse effects of iron deficiency, anemia, malnutrition and calcium deficiency due to special physiological reasons.

  Do vegetarians need additional nutrition?

  The biggest advantage of vegetarianism is the ability to take large amounts of multivitamins from fruits and vegetables, as all fresh vegetables contain varying amounts of vitamin C.

Small green peppers, bell peppers, bitter gourds, radishes, tomatoes, and cucumbers are called vitamin C.

  The content of various fresh fruits such as fresh dates, kiwi, hawthorn, citrus, lemon, strawberry, etc. is also high.

Green or orange vegetables such as: rapeseed, cabbage, leeks, medlar, etc.; fruits such as yellow apricots, citrus, mango, persimmon are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A after being absorbed in the human body.Maintain normal vision and skin health.

In addition, nuts, grains, and seed foods provide the body with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin B.

  However, vegetarian food also has its weaknesses, some: easy to cause the lack of minerals and trace elements, especially iron, zinc and so on.

The iron in plants is difficult to be absorbed by the body due to the presence of oxalic acid, and only the animal meat contains the iron required by the human body.

Therefore, in the scientific and preliminary vegetarian diet, experts suggest that it is necessary to supplement the nutrient rich in trace elements.

  In fact, many of the nutritional deficiencies caused by vegetarian diets are mainly due to the use of relatively simplistic vegetarian recipes without reasonable allocations.

  For example, in a family that only eats vegetarian food, don’t neglect the legumes rich in nutrients and protein. If the fruits and vegetables provide the body with a variety of vitamins and rich cellulose, then the beans are not only not only the beans, but also the beans.It provides sufficient transients and is rich in essential proteins and calcium.

In addition, proper supplementation of nutrients is also a way to balance nutritional intake.

  What is the feeling of satiety and easy obesity?

  Since the fiber and pectin in the vegetable and fruit are easy to cause inflation in the body, and then emptying quickly, it is easy to cause fatigue.

It is recommended to increase the amount of vegetable oils in an appropriate amount and try healthy and hygienic “success” foods.

  These “succulent meat” foods use bean products to imitate the taste and quality of the meat. It not only provides conversion for vegetarians, but also enhances the taste and satiety. It also solves the problem of vegetarians often encountering hunger.

  In fact, the original intention of vegetarianism is to achieve a harmonious or healthy purpose through a positive and gentle means. Excessive extremes may result in extremely adverse consequences.

For example, in order to slim, completely quit 屎 absorption and so on.

  If you sacrifice your precious health for the sake of beauty, even if you reach the weight you want, you can’t count it.

What do you think after reading this article?

But the most important thing is to lose weight in a healthy diet, in order to truly perfect yourself.

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Required course!

Grandparents learning to take children in class

Required course!
Grandparents learning to take children in class

Intergenerational education has always been a topic of common concern to parents.

Recently, the “intergenerational parenting training class”, which specializes in counseling grandparents and grandparents, has quietly emerged in Guangzhou. Some parents have signed up for their grandparents, but grandparents think they are different: helping children with their children is veryIt’s not easy, parents in the next generation really want to continue learning?

  ”Grandpa Granny Training Class” quietly rises Recently, the author interviewed in Guangzhou found that every weekend, 80% of the “student” in the “childcare classroom” of some well-known early education institutions in Guangzhou are not parents, but grandparents and grandparents.

In a recent “grandparent training class”, the family education expert of the Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, Le Shanyao, and the grandparents and “grandmen” of the audience discussed the topic of educating children.

It is understood that CCTV Children’s Channel recently launched the “Grandpa Grandma Training Course” series of programs, for the grandparents and grandfathers in the process of educating their grandchildren how to do a variety of roles to do the education and answer.

  Viewpoint 1: Grandparents should learn parenting knowledge – Chen Laotai said: “Now everything should be dominated by young people. We must also make progress when we are grandparents.

If you have a ‘grandparent training class’, I am very willing to participate.

‘live to learn old” Well!

Viewpoint 2: Intergenerational parent training classes are really effective – Xiao Yu is a young mother. She excitedly said to the author: “Since listening to the parenting class, now the concept of the father-in-law’s education of children is newer than me.This makes me feel very relieved and satisfied.

“The Opponents: Adding more burdens to grandparents. One: The training classes are all about cheating money. Zhang Laohan thinks: “There is no need to go to any training class.

Isn’t this class in the class now to make money?

“Viewpoint 2: The elderly help to look at the children on the line – Ms. Wu said: “I just gave my daughter to my grandparents.

They have been working hard all their lives. They should have enjoyed the Qingfu, playing the Sun and the Sun, and being happy. If they are allowed to participate in these trainings, is it not a burden?

Experts: Intergenerational education needs psychological counseling surveys show that there is a growing trend of intergenerational education.

As far as the Guangzhou area is concerned, about 79% of children are brought up by grandparents or grandparents.

Some old people do not live with their children. They are only auxiliary educational functions, and some old people have more roles.

However, there are many problems in the process of grandparents taking children. The children’s educational doubts and conflicts with their parents’ parents are the reasons for family conflicts and psychological pressure.

Therefore, experts believe that intergenerational education is in urgent need of psychological counseling, and the appearance of “grandparent training class” is a good thing.

  Experts say that intergenerational education is also beneficial to the parents of their grandparents. It can alleviate the loneliness of the elderly, gain vitality from the growth of their grandchildren, and enjoy the healthy body and mentality of the elderly.

As long as the child’s grandparents and parents can understand each other, increase communication, and continue to learn, they can form a family pattern that is helpful to both the child and the whole family.