Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Continue to support the research and development of 5G core chips and promote the maturity of SA equipment

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Continue to support the research and development of 5G core chips and promote the maturity of SA equipment
On March 24, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the “Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Rapid Development of 5G”, which called for the full promotion of 5G network construction, application promotion, technology development and security guarantees, and fully exerted the scale effect of 5G new infrastructureAnd promote the role of supporting sustainable economic development.The notice requires that we continue to increase 5G technology research and development, and strengthen 5G technology and standard research and development.The notice requires that organizations conduct research and pilot projects on the 5G virtual private network to get through critical moments such as standards, technologies, applications, and deployment.Accelerate the development of 5G application modules, support industrial production, wearable devices and other general-purpose terminal scale applications.Continue to support 5G core chips, key components, basic software, instrumentation and other key areas of research and development, engineering research and industrialization, and substitute industry development foundation.The notice requires that 5G testing and verification be organized, and basic telecommunications companies should further optimize the 5GSA equipment procurement test process, change the test schedule according to the construction plan, and accelerate the maturity of related equipment.Continue to carry out 5G enhanced technology research and development experiments, organize chips and systems for wider interoperability testing, and accelerate technology and industry maturity.Combined with the national frequency planning schedule, organize millimeter-wave equipment and performance tests to prepare for the 5G millimeter-wave technology business.The notice also requires that the support for 5G technological innovation be improved.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology supports leading companies to use 5G convergence new technologies to create and provide common platforms such as industry cloud services, open capabilities platforms, and application development environments. It encourages the construction of relevant open source communities and open source technology bases to promote open application innovation.Accelerate the construction of 5G testing and certification platform, and improve the service capabilities of testing, inspection, certification and other aspects for 5G systems, terminals, services, security and other aspects, and reduce enterprise R & D and application costs.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Wang Xin

Will Li Chen’s reputation violations be reversed?It is too early to conclude the defeat

Will Li Chen’s reputation violations be reversed?It is too early to conclude the defeat
On April 16, Beijing Internet Court issued the first-instance civil judgment on the dispute between Li Chen and Li Jiwei on the legal liability of the network, and decided to dismiss Li Chen ‘s lawsuit.# 李晨 名 admiralty infringement case lost # on hot search.The reasons for the public’s attention are: 1. This is a rare star reputation right case that was dismissed. 2. The article was also forwarded. In another case, the defendant was fined. Why did the result differ?3. How can ordinary people comment on the Internet without discriminating?After the judgment of the first instance, Li Chen’s lawyer made a partial statement.Li Chen lost?Will there be a reversal in the second instance?First of all, we actually incorrectly characterize Li Chen ‘s reputation right case by “losing the lawsuit”.At present, the judgment made by the Beijing Internet Court is a first-instance judgment. When the plaintiff refused to accept the first-instance judgment and appealed to the second-instance court, the first-instance judgment is in an unexecuted state.The case has already filed an appeal, so it cannot be called a “lost suit” now.The court of first instance did not determine that the reprinter was illegal, because the court believed that the reprinted content was not subjective and malicious, and Li Chenfang should have a certain tolerance.However, the scope of the tolerance obligation should be based on objective facts and completed reasonable suggestions. Those who are judged to be uncorrected will be reprinted without verifying the reprinted article, and bear the responsibility of Weibo VThe corresponding duty of care expands the consequences of rectifying damage, and it is not that there is no subjective fault and should bear corresponding responsibilities.The Air Force, the producer of the original article has assumed responsibility, and a forwarder has also assumed legal responsibility.Although China is not a case law, it still needs to pay attention to the basic principles of the same judgment and the relative stability of the judgment.In fact, because the case has already been appealed, there is a high probability that the judgment will be changed in the second instance because the court must maintain the consistency of the judgment.The original article’s producer Air Force was found to be fouled.The results of the two forwarders are different, is it related to the copy?The forwarders need to be treated differently.If he reposted a highly personally aggressive article, then whether or not he has some aggressive wording comments or hints of guidance, he may be admitted.If he reposts articles that are relatively neutral, or some articles that are not very personally offensive, just repost and maintain a neutral comment, I think it is okay.If it is an article, the content of which has personality derogation, the duty of attention when forwarding is stronger.For example, in another case, the defendant Hu Dandan ‘s repost at the top of the reprinted article was: “The scumbag Li Chen is now in shape, and then read later.” She was fined in the first instance in October 2019, and her copy has subjective judgmentGuiding factors.The Li Ji Committee’s reprint in the lawsuit stated that “the article is true or false without comment,” the court of the first instance held that Li Jiwei’s actions did not constitute a dispute, considering that the possible forwarding language was not judged and guided.However, due to the derogatory nature of the analyst, Li Jiwei’s Weibo account has millions of followers, which belongs to the large V scale and has a large influence, so his duty of attention should be higher.If there is no fraud, how to determine?There are many standards and precedents for punishment in such cases.First of all, for the content publisher, you are responsible for the authenticity of the content, and the forwarder also has a certain duty of care for this content.Second, if this matter is true, you may infringe on the ownership rights of others; if it is not true, you may infringe on the right of reputation.For rumors producers, they may face civil liability for stopping infringement, restoring reputation, eliminating influence, paying apology and compensating for losses, administrative liability for fines or crimes, and criminal liability in cases where they constitute crimes.The rumor communicator needs to bear the same legal responsibility as the rumor producer to a certain extent, even under special circumstances, the responsibility is greater than the producer.As a rational communicator, when faced with online information, especially those with a wide range of ethnic influences, properly verify the authenticity of the online information, and comments about knowingly infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others are still being spread, furthering related rumorsSpreading, aggravating the consequences of damage, transmitting wrong guidance, and properly correcting the rumor spreaders have serious subjective faults, and they need to take communication actions to bear corresponding legal responsibilities.How to identify alternatives for articles with initials?This often happens in practice, such as L male, Y actress.There will be a certain insinuation.There are also many judicial precedents, and the appropriate standard here is whether or not the basic judgment of ordinary people can be enough to associate with the relevant actual personnel.Although he is not said to be him, the few characteristics mentioned let everyone know that he can reach this level, and he must also bear responsibility.If the defendant has few fans, will it affect the verdict?To a certain extent, the number of fans can directly determine the size of the range of influence of the published remarks. Subjects with a large number of fans are publishing, and they should bear a higher duty of attention when reprinting relevant comments. At the same time, relevant comments are misleading to most people.If the object of knowing that the relevant comments related to the suspected infringement of the communication is again included in the public opinion, we can initially identify and disseminate relevant reports with subjective observation.In the court’s hearing of honorary rights cases, the scope of influence of the remarks involved in the case will be regarded as an important factor in the degree of subdivision, especially for the reprinter, whose fault and scale are closely related to the scope of influence.However, the size of the scope of influence does not necessarily determine whether the comments involved in the case constitute a problem, and may affect the amount of compensation for the case.If the main system trumpet for the first rumors is released, the number of fans is very small, but it is reprinted by the body with a large number of fans. Unless other comments are not published, it will also cause the spread of the rumor damage and spread, causing greater damage to the victim.Then, both the originator and the reprinter can assume responsibility as defendants.In order to avoid the situation that different local courts determine “different judgments in different types of cases” in cases where the plot and facts are basically the same, the existing relevant regulations make it clear that the responsibility of the “reproducer” is assumed.Judge its “duty of care”.The “obligation of attention” is somewhat, and the degree of fault is possible.As a subject with a large number of fans, it is reasonable to know that the published information will affect many people, and it will have a higher duty of care in law, which will lead to stricter determination of faults.In addition to Weibo, would similar information be added in the circle of friends?Although the audience of the circle of friends is far smaller than that of open social platforms such as Weibo, the constituent elements of the infringement of reputation rights are “1. The fact that the perpetrator objectively damages the reputation of others is known to a third party.2. The actor is subjectively wrong.3. The victim is the correct person.4. The perpetrator is non-subjective to the victim, objectively resulting in damage, and making the victim feel an unjust social pressure or psychological burden.”Therefore, whether it constitutes a right of reputation has nothing to do with the carrier of the release, but rather whether it satisfies the constituent elements of infringing on the reputation right of others.As long as the reposter can judge the information as a rumor or false information in the subjective consciousness, even if it is forwarded in the circle of friends, the audience is large, it may constitute an infringement of the right of reputation.Is there any conflict between the definition of the right of reputation and the right to criticize public figures?Since public figures have special identities, their reputation rights are also special.Public figures have a better social status than the general public, and their deductions in the legal protection of personality interests are what we often refer to as “tolerance of public figures”.Therefore, public figures accept legitimate and reasonable suggestions for accepting behavior, as well as questions and criticisms based on public interest or public interest.However, the principle of “putting things right” should be adopted. Inappropriately directly insulting the personality or causing serious damage to the interests of the personality. The public’s right to know and the right to supervise public opinion cannot waive the responsibility of personal attacks. Once the limit is exceeded, it still constitutes damage.Therefore, Li Chen told the media, media and Internet users to properly review the authenticity and objectivity of the information when publishing and reprinting the information. If they are capable of verifying but not verifying, it will cause damages and be subjective.There is a certain fault.Regardless of whether it is published or reprinted, you should be cautious and prudent, increase auditing efforts, prevent intentional or unintentional participation in the ranks of follow-up hype, and you can also avoid taking legal responsibility.□ Pang Lipeng (lawyer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Wang Xin

[Efficacy and role of green tea powder]_Green tea powder_must_benefits

銆 愮 豢 Gong Gong chopped 圫 姛 姛 堁 堜 笌 湤 护 銆 慱 缁 蜯 尪 麩 婩 婩 嘩嘩 嘩嘩 嘩嘩 _ 濂 擩 
鐢熸椿涓垜浠ソ澶氫汉閮介潪甯稿枩娆㈠枬缁胯尪锛屽畠鏈夊緢寮虹殑浣滅敤锛岃€岀豢鑼剁矇鍏跺疄灏辨槸鐢ㄧ豢鑼跺彾鍒舵垚鐨勶紝瀹冩湁寰堝鐨勫姛鏁堜笌浣滅敤锛屼笅闈㈠氨鏉ヨ缁嗙殑浠嬬粛涓€涓嬨€?1 Moquanbianjian by Jie insert wa fine Zikuawangjuan emerging Cheng Sik  Chi Juanbanchengyang  Chi Juanhuaixifei Dong c Uuxi Leihunzheju  stagnant water Jian by  Liaohonghuaiuu Xilei C fermium勬姉姘у寲鍔熸晥锛岃繖绉嶇被榛勯叜涔熸槸鐝嶈吹钀ュ吇鍝併€傝渹鑳剁殑涓昏鎴愪唤锛屾墍浠ュ畠瀵圭淮鎸佺毊鑲ょ編鐧姐€佸勾杞诲彲璇存槸鏈夌弽鍝佺骇鐨勬晥鏋溿€傝€屼笖涓庡悓鏍峰瘜鍚淮鐢熺礌C鐨勬煚妾浉姣旓紝缁胯尪涓嶅惈閰告€э紝涓嶄細鍒烘縺鐨偆銆?2 Sisters and sisters are as good as they are. They can be used as a gong, a chain, a chain, a chain, a chain, a chain, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud, a cloud.夋姎鑲岃偆鐨勬瀬浣虫垚鍒嗐€?3 銆 佹 姘 姘 寲 寱 氱 豢 Gong chopped 掑 楁 卖 頦 栦 綔 鐢 ㄦ 槸 缁 緁 粬 獋 約 镄?0鍊嶏紝鑳芥湁鏁堜繚鎶よ倢鑲わ紝鍑忓皯鍥犵传澶栫嚎鍙婃薄鏌撹€屼骇鐢熺殑娓哥鍩恒€傝皝閮界煡閬撹倢鑲よ闃叉哀鍖栥€侀槻绱绾匡紝灏辩畻鏄綘鍙湁20鏉ュ瞾锛屼篃涓嶅銆備笌鍏跺磭鎷滈珮绉戞妧鐨勫寲鍚堢墿锛屼笉棰嗙暐涓€涓嬬豢鑼剁矇鐨勫濡欏姛鐢ㄣ€傜豢鑼剁矇鐨勫簲鐢ㄥ緢骞挎硾锛屾棦鍙互褰撻ギYou will be able to find out what you are doing and how to do it. If you do n’t know what you ‘re doing, you will be able to take advantage of the wind and the wind, and you will be able to see the wind and the wind.墮锛屼笉浣嗗鐗欓娇鏈夊緢濂界殑淇濆仴鏁堟灉锛屾洿浣垮彛姘旀寔涔呮竻鏂般€?

[Always feel bloating, check it must be the habit of eating!】

Chains, Chains, Chains, Chains, Chains, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, Plates, and Barrels潵浠€涔堟劅鍙楋紝鏈変竴鐐规槸鑲畾鐨勶紝瀹冧笉鑸掓湇銆傞€犳垚鑵硅儉鐨勫師鍥犲彲鑳芥槸浣犳棩甯哥殑涓€浜涘潖涔犳儻鍝︼紝浣犱腑鎷涗簡鍚楋紵 鍗充娇鑵硅儉寰堝皯鎰忓懗鐫€浠€涔堜弗閲嶇殑鐤剧梾锛岄€氬父瀹冨湪鍑犱釜灏忔椂鍚庡氨浼氱紦瑙o紙閫氳繃鏁f銆佸枬姘存垨闈欓潤绛夊緟锛夛紝浣嗗湪杩欎釜杩囩▼涓綘浼氭劅瑙夋槒鏄忔鐫★紝绗ㄦ嫏鐨勶紝鍜屾€€鐤戣嚜宸卞啀鎵d笉涓婄墰浠旇¥銆傚湪娆㈣繋浣犲钩鍧﹁吂閮ㄥ綊鏉ョ殑鍚屾椂锛屾垝鎺夐偅浜涜兘璁╀綘鑵硅儉鐨勫潖涔犳儻鍚с€傚悆涓滆タ澶揩 鐢熸椿鐨勮妭濂忚鎴戜滑涓€鐩村湪蹇欑涓紝浣嗗鏋滆繖涓妭濂忚浣犲悆楗兘鐙煎悶铏庡捊鐨勮瘽锛屽氨瑕佸紩璧锋敞鎰忎簡锛氶櫎浜嗛鐗╋紝浣犲悓鏃跺悶涓嬩簡寮曡捣浣犺吂鑳€鐨勭┖姘斻€備絾鍚炰笅鐨勭┖姘斿苟涓嶆槸杩欎釜琛屼负寮曡捣鑵硅儉鐨勫敮涓€鍘熷洜銆傗€滃綋浣犲悆涓滆タ澶揩鐨勬椂鍊欙紝浣犻€氬父涓嶄細鍏呭垎鍜€鍤硷紝澶у潡鐨勯鐗╀細杩涘叆鑲犻亾绛夊緟琚厖鍒嗘秷鍖栥€傗€濈航绾iddleberg钀ュ吇涓績鐨勮惀鍏诲笀鍙茶拏鑺銆傚揩閫熷悆涓滆タ鍙︿竴涓嵄闄╁湪浜庝綘骞朵笉鐭ラ亾浣犲悆浜嗗灏戜笢瑗匡紝鎸佺画蹇€熺殑鍔ㄤ綔璁╀綘鐨勮儍濉炴弧浜嗐€備笉瑕佸啀鍚冮偅涔堝揩锛岃姳鑷冲皯20鍒嗛挓鏉ヤ韩鍙椾綘鐨勭編椋熴€?0鍒嗛挓鑳藉璁╀綘鐨勫ぇ鑴戞剰璇嗗埌鈥滈ケ鑵规劅鈥濓紝閲婃斁璁╀綘鏀句笅椁愬叿鐨勪俊鍙枫€? 123456

[Does black tea help gout]_Foot Gout_Can you drink

銆 愮 Children’s gongs  鐥 涢 Chau 夊 府 锷 ╁ 抧 銆 慱 瓒 Chong 椋 夋 鷳 铳 铳 鋳 鋳 梬
It ‘s a long way to go. There ‘s a lot of troubles. Arresting, arresting, arguing, arrogant, arrogant, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful.The problem is that you have a lot of trouble with each other, and you have a lot of troubles. What are you doing? How are you going to do it?殑闂锛屽緱浜嗙棝椋庢槸鍙互鍠濅竴鐐圭孩鑼剁殑銆傜孩鑼舵湁鍔╀簬鎺掗櫎韬綋杩囧鐨勪钩閰搞€傚湪棰勯槻鍜岀紦瑙i€氶鏂归潰鏈変竴瀹氱殑甯姪銆傛垜浠潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬨€傜孩鑼跺鐥涢鏈夊府鍔╁悧鐥涢鐥呮槸鐢变簬鐢熸椿姘村钩鎻愰珮锛屽槍鍛や唬璋㈢磰涔憋紝寮曡捣琛€灏块吀澧為珮锛岄拡灏栧ぇ灏忕殑灏块吀鐩愮粨鏅讹紝娌夌Н浜庡叧鑺傘€佽蒋缁勭粐銆佽偩鑴忋€佸績鑴忕瓑閮ㄤ綅銆傜棝椋庣殑鍗卞鐢氬锛岃嫢涓嶅強鏃舵不鐤楋紝寰€寰€杩樹細寮曡捣鐥涢鎬у叧鑺傜値銆佸叧鑺傜暩褰€佺棝椋庢€х粨鐭?寮曡捣鑲捐剰鎹熷鑲剧粨鐭炽€佽偩鍔熻兘琛扮;寮曡捣蹇冭剰鐥呫€佺硸灏跨梾銆侀珮琛€鍘嬨€侀珮琛€鑴傘€佽偉鑳栫梾銆傜孩鑼舵湰韬槸娓╃儹鎬ч鐗╋紝鑰岄儴鍒嗙棝椋庢偅鑰呭睘浜庨槼铏?姘旇铏氭垨鑰呯棸婀夸綋璐紝闃宠櫄銆佹皵琛€铏氭垨鑰呯棸婀夸綋璐ㄧ殑浜烘€曞喎銆佹秷鍖栦笉鑹垨鑰呰櫄鑳栫瓑鈥滃瘨鈥濈棁骞朵笖閮界蹇屽瘨鍑夋€ч鐗┿€傚洜姝ょ孩鑼剁殑娓╃儹鎬ф鍙互涓拰鐥涢鎮h€呬綋鍐呬腑鐨勨€滃瘨鈥濈棁銆傛墍浠ョ棝椋庝汉缇ゅ彲浠ュ枬绾㈣尪绛夋俯鐑€х殑椋熺墿銆傚彟澶栵紝绾㈣尪鏈夊埄浜庢帓闄や綋鍐呯殑涔抽吀銆佸翱閰?Roughly swaying?銆佽繃澶氱殑鐩愬垎銆傛墍浠ョ粏鑿屾€х棦鐤惧強椋熺墿涓瘨鎮h€呭枬绾㈣尪棰囨湁鐩婏紝姘戦棿涔熷父鐢ㄦ 銆 証 駱 浼 浼 ゅ 倛 銆 佽 ぅ 鐤  瓑 銆 傛 傍 浠 ョ 棝 夢 庢 庢 庢 庅 凮 姸 開 判 囤 囑 傑 囆 傑 囑 傑 囆 傑 囆鎰忓钩琛°€傚洜浜轰綋姣忓ぉ鎵€闇€鐨勮泲鐧借川鎽勫叆鏄笉鍙皯鐨勶紝鍥犳闇€瑕佹瘡澶╂帶鍒惰泲What is the use of rivers and rivers?What are you talking about?.8鍏嬭呖1鍏嬬殑铔嬬槠璐ㄧ殑姣斾緥杩涜鎽勫彇銆傛棩宁镐富椋熷彲浠ヤ互绫抽キ銆侀破碎キ銆侀负涓汇€傝澶氬悆鐡滄灉钄彍绛夛紝鍙鍚⒈鎬ф垚鍒嗛珮鐨勯鐗╃棝椋庢偅鑰呴兘鏄彲浠ヨ繘椋熺殑銆傛墍浠ワ紝鐥涢鎮h€呭彲閫傞噺楗孩鑼剁殑锛屼絾涓嶈杩囬噺鍜岄ギ娴撹尪锛岀壒鍒槸涓嶅疁鍦ㄧ棝椋庡彂浣沧Suddenly, sorry, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow瑰紡鎵嶈兘鎻愰珮鍋ュ悍鐨勮川閲忋€?

[How much is barley tea degeneration?

]_Nutrition Value_Calories

[How much is barley tea degeneration?

]_Nutrition Value_Calories

Barley tea is a very common drink in daily life. The health benefits of moderate intake are many. Although barley tea is often used, for those who want to lose weight, this kind of barley tea is the most important thing for everyone.The problem is that people who love beauty usually pay special attention to their diet and drinks. Although some teas are delicious and have high nutritional value, they are very high.

What is the denaturation of barley tea?

Barley tea (trace: 305 calories / 100g) requires 100g of basketball to transform.

Consumed in 6 minutes.

Every 100 grams of this food contains: Aunt 3.

40 grams; protein 13.

00 grams; cobalt 77.

60 grams.

Although the conversion of 100 grams of tea is as high as 305 kcal, the water brewed from barley tea is zero-transferred, and the water brewed from barley tea is indeed zero-transferred, because research shows that barley tea excludes theophylline, caffeine, tannin, etc.Therefore, the brewed tea is free of impurities.

Barley tea is rich in a variety of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, protein and supplementary fiber. Specifically, it contains 17 trace elements and more than 19 kinds of amino acids. It is the most nutritious and healthy drink, and it is the ideal drink for people to pursue health.

Barley is rich in precipitated fiber. Soluble barley fiber is easily absorbed by the human body. It has a hypolipidemic effect. It contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, which is good for the human body, and contains saponin, which can inhibit the rise of cholesterol and low impurities.Can meet the needs of fat reduction.

Golden yellow color, charming fragrance, barley tea has won the reputation of “Oriental Coffee” with its unique charm.

Do you often drink barley tea to lose weight?
1. Friends who have lost barley tea for weight loss know that barley tea is very sweet and delicious, and many people like to drink barley tea in winter.

And barley tea contains a variety of vitamins and proteins, which is a very nutritious health drink.

In addition, there are a lot of supplementary fiber and soluble barley fiber in the barley, which can be easily absorbed by the human body and has the function of lowering blood fat.

Therefore, we can understand that barley tea is not only rich in nutrition, low in conversion, but also can achieve the effect of weight loss.

2. The soaking method first causes the barley to be put into a pan, fried into golden yellow, and then all the barley is sealed into a small bag.

When you want to drink barley tea, just take an appropriate amount of barley into a cup, and then brew it with boiling water for about 3 minutes, you can smell a particularly strong and sweet barley taste.

You can also put an appropriate amount of water into the pot. After boiling, add a small bag of barley tea and cook for 10 minutes.

Also, if you are unwilling to drink tea in the summer, you can consider putting boiled barley tea in the refrigerator to relieve the heat and lose weight.

[Can you eat glutinous rice liqueur for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat glutinous rice liqueur for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you eat it?

If you are during menstruation, you must pay more attention to your diet. Do not eat any food that is not conducive to menstruation. Otherwise, it will definitely have an adverse effect on your body, but in fact, you can take some glutinous rice wineHowever, it can’t absorb too much, because the glutinous rice wine also contains alcohol content, and the female friends who repeatedly overdo it will cause great damage to the body.

Five Taboos Diet Taboo 1: Eat salty foods: Women should not eat salty foods before menstruation.

Because the salt and water storage capacity of salty food increases, before the menstrual cramps, there are too many progesterone and prone to edema and headache.

If you start eating low-salt foods 10 days before your menstrual cramps, you won’t have the above symptoms.

Taboo 2: Drinking aerated beverages: Women who have too many aerated beverages will experience fatigue and weakness during menstruation, which is a manifestation of iron deficiency.

Because beverages such as soda mostly contain phosphates, they produce a chemical reaction with iron in the body, making it difficult for iron to be absorbed.

In addition, drinking soda will neutralize bicarbonate and gastric juice in soda, reduce the digestive ability and bactericidal effect of gastric acid, and affect appetite.

Taboo 3: Eat irritating foods: Do not eat irritating foods and peppers before menstruation, but also eat less fatty meat, animal oils and sweets.

Taboo 4: Eat spicy and cold foods: Spicy and cold foods are irritating and can easily cause pelvic vessels to contract and cause too little menstrual blood or even stop suddenly.

In addition, irritating substances such as tobacco and alcohol will have certain effects on menstruation. If you do not pay attention to avoid these bad stimuli, dysmenorrhea or menstrual disorders will occur in the long run.

Taboo 5: Eat fried and greasy food.

Nine major menstrual diet one, Jianfu loofah.

1. Use loofah 30g, fry with water, add rice wine orally, and cure low back pain during menstruation.

2. Dry the loofah seeds, fry them with water, add a little brown sugar, and take warm rice wine, once each morning and evening.

Indications Irregular menstruation.

3, one old loofah, burnt, ground, 9g each time, with salt and water to adjust the service, can cure more menstrual periods.

Second, a few black fungus, roasted and ground into fines, served with brown sugar, each 3-5 days, to treat women’s irregular menstruation.

Third, two cocks and chicken crests, seasoned and cooked, served 1-2 times a day, eat 3-5 days a month.

Treatment of irregular menstruation of women.
Fourth, 2 pieces of tofu, 50g of lamb, 17g of ginger, seasoned with salt, cooked food.

Indications Irregular menstruation, spleen and stomach deficiency.

Fifth, 500g of dried celery, add two cups of water, and fry into one cup. The regular clothes treat the menstrual cycle is not allowed, 8 or 9 days in advance, or even 1-2 times in January (that is, the first menstrual period).

Six, angelica 10g, decoction, beat 2 eggs, add brown sugar 50g.

Take 1 time after menstruation.

Indications Irregular menstruation, blood deficiency.

[How to cook white porridge is delicious]_How to cook_cooking method

澶忓ぉ澶╂皵鐐庣儹锛屽緢澶氫汉鐨勯娆查兘浼氬彈鍒板奖鍝嶏紝鎵€浠ョ播鎴愪簡澶忓浜轰滑鍠滅埍鐨勪竴绉嶄富椋燂紝涓嶈繃寰堝浜鸿涓虹叜绮ュ緢绠€鍗曪紝鏃犻潪灏辨槸鎶婄背娲楀共鍑€鍚庡姞姘寸叜锛屾按姣旂剸楗殑姘村鍔犱竴浜涘氨鍙互浜嗐€備絾鏄浉淇″ぇ瀹堕兘娓呮锛屾瘡涓汉鐓嚭鏉ョ殑绮ュ彛鎰熷拰鍛抽亾閮戒笉澶浉鍚岋紝鍏跺疄鐓櫧绮ヤ篃鏄湁鎶€宸х殑锛屾帉鎻¤繖浜涘皬鎶€宸э紝鏈€鏅€氱殑鐧界播鍛抽亾涔熷緢濂藉摝銆備竴銆侀鏉愮數楗叢 mistress?銆 乹 閩 銆 亩 亜 东 撜 撜 湔 Dou sui La La  1 銆 佹 娉 ★ fine heading  間 鍓 卅 厛 灏 嗏 喢 関 ュ 喎 喂 參 参 珤 炤 倉 倉鑶ㄨ儉寮€銆傝繖鏍峰仛鐨勫ソ澶勶細鐔捣绮ユ潵鑺傜渷鏃堕棿锛涙悈鍔ㄦ椂浼氶『鐫€涓€涓柟鍚戣浆锛涚啲鍑虹殑绮ラ叆銆佸彛鎰熷ソ銆?銆 丸 紑 姑 嬘 嬌 鬌 咃 咃 咃 咃 尃 咃 尃 咃 尃 尃 咃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 尃 參 咘 尘 嶆 嶅 嶅 嶅 尛 叄 鏄  喎 姘 叜 叜 綜 尾 逗 掗 傑 屧 宑 屑 峑 峸 峸 冧 冗 冑 冑 峾 峸 屗 冑 峑 冑叜绮ワ紝涓轰粈涔堬紵浣犺偗瀹氭湁杩囧喎姘寸叜绮ョ硦搴曠殑缁忛獙鍚э紵寮€姘翠笅閿呭氨涓嶄細鏈夋鐜拌薄锛岃€屼笖瀹冩瘮鍐锋按鐔播鏇寸渷鏃堕棿銆?What is the link between the chain and the chain? It’s a long time. It’s a long time. It’s a long time. How about it?0鍒嗛挓銆傚埆灏忕湅鐏殑澶у皬杞崲锛岀播鐨勯鍛崇敱姝よ€屽嚭锛?Moguijiema Exizhajian San Xidiehuadui  Bocenrongji Hong Cunshouuuchi Mabenshenyi Juanhongjiangao Kuangbofeimian Ganbenchubang Shi ㄦ Bingbangwawai Pincunsouqi Newspaper硦搴曠殑鎷呭咖锛屼负浠€涔堣繕瑕佹悈鍛紵涓轰簡鈥滃嚭绋犫€濓紝涔熷氨鏄绫崇矑棰楅楗辨弧銆佺矑绮掗叆绋犮€傛悈鎷岀殑鎶€宸ф槸锛氬紑姘翠笅閿呮椂鎼呭嚑涓嬶紝鐩栦笂閿呯洊鑷虫枃鐏啲20鍒嗛挓鏃讹紝寮€濮嬩笉鍋滃湴鎼呭姩锛屼竴鐩存寔缁害10鍒嗛挓锛屽埌鍛堥叆绋犵姸鍑洪攨涓烘銆?Rou Xianzha Zuguixidui  multicast Mashan  Lujububen Jianyifeiche Renqiyuyi Ouyun Zhongyangtiaohai 10 Rouxian Zhazuduoyan Wei ュ Ganconggehuai Maqun complement Benwufengmei氬彂鐜颁笉鍏夋垚鍝佺播鑹叉辰椴滀寒锛岃€屼笖鍏ュ彛鍒牱椴滄粦銆備笁銆佹敞鎰忎簨椤?銆佺叜绮ョ殑鏃跺€欐按瑕佸姞寰楅€傞噺锛氬ぇ绫充笌姘寸殑姣斾緥鍒嗗埆涓猴細鍏ㄧ播=澶х背1Min?mistress?鏉?绋 犵 播 = 澶 хback 1 鏉?mistress?0?绋€绮?澶 хback 1 鏉?姘?3鏉€?銆佸喎姘翠笅绫崇叜绮ュソ锛氫娇绫冲厖鍒嗗惛鏀舵按鍒嗭紝绮ユ墠浼氭瘮杈冮杞€?銆佹帉鎻$叜绮ョ殑鐏€欙細瑕佸厛鐢ㄦ椇鐏叜娌稿悗锛岃璧剁揣杞负灏忕伀锛屾敞鎰忎笉瑕佽绮ユ眮婧㈠嚭锛屽啀鎱㈡參鐩栦笂鐩栫暀缂濓紝鐢ㄥ皬鐏叜銆?

[Can you eat fish with toothache]_Eating fish_Toothache_Can you eat

Awesome, innocent, and awkward, Junhuanhuanhuanhong, Honghong, Honghui, Shun, Shun, Shun, Yu, Feng, Feng, Feng, Wen, Feng, Feng, Shu, Ji, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song, Song勬槸鐗欓緢鍙戠値鎵€瀵艰嚧鐨勭墮鐤硷紝鍦ㄧ墮鐤肩殑鏃跺€欒鍙婃椂鍘绘不鐤楋紝鍦ㄩギ椋熶笂涓嶅疁椋熺敤杩囧杈涜荆鎴栬€呭潥纭殑椋熺墿锛岄奔鑲夋槸鏃ュ父甯歌椋熺墿锛屽彲浠ラ€傚綋鐨勯鐢ㄣ€?鐗欑棝鐨勬椂鍊欎竴鑸兘鏄湁鎬ユ€х値鐥囧瓨鍦ㄧ殑锛屼竴鑸槸寤鸿浣跨敤娑堢値鑽墿娌荤枟鐨勩€Do you have a hard time? Do you have a hard time? Do you have a donation? Do you want to donate to Jiang Jiang?鍚冧粈涔堥鐗╁彲浠ョ紦瑙g墮鐥涢潚鏌犳眮闈掓煚鍚湁鍙互鏉€姝昏澶氱粏鑿岀殑寮虹儓鐨勬煈姗橀吀銆備綘鍙互鎶婂畠鎹g锛屽皢姹佹恫鏀剧疆鍦ㄤ竴涓澂瀛愪腑锛岀劧鍚庡惛鍏ユ淮绠★紝灏卞彲浠ヨ杩欎簺姹佹恫鎴愪负婊村湪鐗欓娇涓婄殑姝㈢棝鑽簡銆傚畠鑳藉娓呮磥浣犵殑鐗欓娇锛屽苟涓斿悓鏃跺鐞嗘帀浼氬紩鍙戜紶鏌撶殑鏈夊缁嗚弻銆備笉杩囷紝鑻ヤ綘鍙h厰涓湁婧冪枴鎴栬€呬激鍙o紝灏辫灏介噺閬垮厤浣跨敤What’s the matter?What are you talking about? Do you know what you are saying? Do you want to know how to do it? Do you know how to do it?The problem is that the effect is not the same as the one in the world. The problem is that it’s not easy to solve the problem.勭柤鐥涖€傚垏涓嬩竴鐗囷紝鎶婂畠鏀惧湪鐤肩棝鐨勭墮涓婏紝鎴栬€呮妸閲岄潰鐨勬眮娑叉尋鍒扮涓紝浣跨敤婊寸鎶婂畠鐐瑰湪鐗欑棝鐨勫湴鏂广€傚ぇ钂滃拰宀╃洂锛堢煶宀╋級澶ц挏涓嶄粎瀵逛簬瀵规姉绮夊埡鏈変竴瀹氱殑鐤楁晥锛屽湪娣峰悎浜嗕竴鐐瑰博鐩愪箣鍚庯紝瀵逛簬缂撹В鐗欑棝涔熷叿鏈夐潪甯稿ソ鐨勪綔鐢紝鍙互甯姪浣犲畬鍏ㄦ秷闄ょ柤鐥涚殑鎰熻銆傛妸钂滅摚鎹g锛屾坊鍔犲博鐩愶紝杩欏氨鍋氭垚浜嗗畬缇庣殑鑽搧銆傚鏋滃啀鐗欑棝鐨勮瘽锛屽氨璇曡瘯鍚с€傚▉澹繉閫傚綋鐨勫枬鐐瑰▉澹繉锛屽彲浠ユ湁鏁堝湴娓呮磥鐗欓娇锛岃€屼笖瀵归夯鏈ㄥ彛鑵旈潪甯告湁鏁堟灉銆傜敤瀹冩潵婕卞彛锛屽彲浠ユ湁鏁堢殑鍑忚交鐤肩棝锛岃€屼笖杩樻湁娓呮磥鍙h厰鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?

[How long is the shelf life of tea?]_ Storage time_How long

鐩 討 俊 澶 у  鍦 ㄧ 啓 娲 寲 綋 鬋  粡 Ning picking fine 鎺 ヨ Е 鍒 mixed 鹹 閹 纴 鍏 鍏 尬 簬 徺 彾 潔 曔 曔 揉 揾 恾 悗 旗 痗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 漗 旗 痽參锛岀埍鍠濊尪鐨勪汉姣忓ぉ閮戒細鍠濓紝鎵€浠ュ枬鐨勪細姣旇緝蹇紝涓嶇埍鍠濊尪鐨勪汉涓€鍛ㄥ彧鍠濆嚑Rao “Nanfeijuemei Tuan  Shenchaxieshen Feicherenluo Duolingfeiqiao Liaoyingkuilu Juancunpixuan yu Yi Shi?2 trickle?4涓湀涓嶇瓑锛岃秴杩囦繚璐ㄦ湡鐨勮尪鍙堕鍛充細娴佸け鎺夛紝钀ュ吇浠峰€间篃杈句笉鍒般€傝尪鍙舵湁淇濊川鏈熷悧 璇ユ€庝箞淇濆瓨鐩墠鎴戝浗鐨勫悇鑼跺巶澶у鏄潬鍝佽尪涓撳閫氳繃鐜板満閴村畾鏉ユ暡瀹氫竴鎵硅尪鍒板簳灞炰簬鍝釜绾у埆銆佸€煎灏戦挶鐨勶紝鍒惰鐨勪繚璐ㄦ湡涔熸湭蹇呴潪甯稿噯纭€傛墍浠モ€滀繚璐ㄦ湡鈥濆氨鎴愪簡涓€涓毀鏄т笉娓呯殑璇濋锛屾湁鐨勮鏄竴骞达紝鏈夌殑璇存槸鍗婂勾锛屾湁鐨勫氨骞茶剢涓嶅湪鍖呰涓婃爣鏄庝繚璐ㄦ湡锛岀洿鏀惧埌鈥滆尪鍛冲敖澶扁€濅负姝€傞€氬父锛嘽 瘑 灏 丸 置 瑁 哑 殑 巺 厾 彾 應 湊 川 湸 槸 12 Juan 湀?24  湀 繆 瓆 銆 傛 炆 炆 炆 傛 尰 尰 尪 鍙 Duo Lulu ㄦ 湡 灏 灏 珿 揿 鐭  纴 甲 犱 negative  鎽 嗘 喁 鍦 ㄥ  镄 嗖 嗖 嗖 嗮 嗮 旮 h细钖告疆銆佸惛寮效懗锛岃伞镙蜂笉浠呬娇锣跺彾涓уけ鍘熻尪椋庡懗锛屼篃鏇村鏄撳彉璐ㄣ€傚缁胯尪锛屼竴鑸繕鏄柊椴滅殑姣旇緝濂姐€備繚璐ㄦ湡鍦ㄥ父娓╀笅涓€鑸负涓€骞村乏鍙炽€備笉杩囧奖鍝嶈尪鍙跺搧璐ㄧ殑鍥犵礌涓昏鏈夋俯搴︺€佸厜绾裤€佹箍搴︺€傚鏋滃瓨鏀炬柟娉曞緱褰擄紝闄嶄綆鎴栨秷闄よ繖浜涘洜绱狅紝鍒欒尪鍙跺彲闀挎椂闂翠繚璇佽川閲忋€傚疄闄呬笂锛岀洰鍓嶅浗瀹朵互椋熷搧鍗敓鏍囧噯涓轰緷鎹埗瀹氫簡鑼跺彾鏍囧噯锛屽淇濊川鏈熶篃浣滃嚭浜嗛檺瀹氥€備絾鍥藉瀵规櫘娲辫尪娌℃湁鍒跺畾鏍囧噯锛屽洜涓哄畠鏄叏鍙戦叺浜у搧锛屾瘮杈冮毦鍒跺畾淇濊川鏈熸爣鍑嗐€傚叾浠栫被鑼跺彾搴旇涓ユ牸鎸夌収鍥藉鐨勬爣鍑嗘潵鎿嶄綔锛屽惁鍒欒繃浜嗕繚璐ㄦ湡锛岃尪鍙跺氨澶卞幓浜嗚嚜韬殑鍝佽川鍜岄煹鍛筹紝鑻ュ彈娼彂闇夎繕瀵逛汉浣撴湁瀹炽€傚綋鐒讹紝鑼跺彾鐨勪繚璐ㄦ湡涓庤尪鐨勫搧绉嶆湁鍏筹紝涓嶅悓鐨勮尪淇濊川鏈熶篃涓嶄竴鏍枫€傚儚鏅幢鑼躲€侀粦鑼讹紝闄堝寲鐨勫弽鑰屽ソ涓€浜涳紝淇濊川鏈熷彲杈?0 ~ 20?鍙堝姝﹀し宀╄尪锛岄殧骞撮檲鑼跺弽鑰岄姘旈Ε閮併€佹粙鍛抽唶鍘?鍐嶅婀栧崡鐨勯粦鑼躲€佹箹鍖楃殑鑼爾鑼躲€佸箍瑗跨殑鍏牎鑼剁瓑锛屽彧瑕佸瓨鏀惧緱褰擄紝涓嶄粎涓嶄細鍙樿川锛屽弽鑰岃兘鎻愰珮鑼跺彾鍝佽川銆傛鍥犱负杩欎竴鐗规€э紝鍓嶄簺骞达紝鏈変汉鐐掍綔鑰佽尪锛屼竴鍧楅檲骞存櫘娲辫尪鐢氳嚦琚倰鑷充笂鐧句竾鍏冦€傜倰浣滄槸鍟嗕汉鐨勬父鎴忥紝鑼舵瘯绔熸槸缁欎汉鍠濈殑锛岃€佽尪淇濆瓨涓嶅綋锛屽彉浜嗚川锛屼篃鏄姡鍝侊紝涓嶈兘鍠濄€傛瘮濡傛櫘娲辫尪锛屼竴鑸姹傛Do you know how to squeeze a string? Do you want to know what you want to do?5%宸﹀彸銆傚彟澶栧鍐呰閫氶锛屼笉涓庢湁寮傚懗鐗╁搧涓€璧锋憜鏀撅紝姣忛殧3涓湀杩樿缈诲姩鑼跺彾涓€娆°€傝繖浜涙潯浠讹紝涓€鑸尪鍙剁埍濂借€呫€佹敹钘忚€呴兘寰堥毦鍋氬埌銆傚垽鏂尪鍙舵槸鍚﹁繃鏈燂紝涓昏鏈変互涓嬪嚑涓柟闈細涓€鏄湅鏄惁鍙戦湁鎴栧嚭鐜伴檲鍛炽€備簩鏄湅鑼舵堡棰滆壊銆傛瘮濡傜豢鑼舵槸鍚﹀彉绾紝姹よ壊鏄惁鍙樿銆佸彉鏆椼€備笁鏄搧婊嬪懗銆備富瑕佺湅鑼舵堡鐨勬祿搴︺€佹敹鏁涙€у拰椴滅埥搴︺€傚綋鐒讹紝杩欎簺澶栬浜轰笉鏄撹鲸娓呫€傚鏋滄槸鏁h鑼跺彾锛屼拱鍥炲宸茶秴杩?8 tricks and tricks: I’m afraid that I’m so scared, I can tell you how easy it is to say, how can you tell me how to do it?