Effectively alleviate the health of spring sleep, Chinese medicine teaches you to stay away from the spring

Effectively alleviate the health of spring sleep, Chinese medicine teaches you to stay away from the spring

“Spring sleepy autumn is lacking”, it is now the spring sleepy, many office workers and the elderly get up very hard in the morning, feel that how to sleep is not enough, seriously affecting the quality of life.

The following is a description of how to relieve the “spring sleep” and wake up early.

Health care should be in line with the Spring Festival. Here are a few tips for some health care in the early spring, to maintain the revolutionary capital, and earn a lot of money.

  One: windproof and cold: the early spring is warm and cold, the weather is like a child’s face, and it changes. Instantly, there are often cold waves, cold blood vessels contract, blood is thick, blood flow slows down, organsBlood sugar, susceptible to colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, arthritis, migraine, coronary heart disease, so, to keep warm, 2: regulate diet: spring is coming, metabolism begins to flourish, diet should be sweet and warm, highlight nutrition,Food, spleen and yang, food should be replaced by warm and delicious food, avoid greasy, cold, sour, sticky and big heat, prevent heat and heat, should be sweet and less sour, choose to produce both hair and nutritionFoods such as: bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, tofu, cardamom, barley, wheat, jujube, lean meat, fish, eggs, peanuts, sesame, citrus, banana, honey, onion, ginger and the like, fresh in winterIngestion of vegetables, supplementation of vitamins is insufficient, and the internal heat of gathering a winter should be exuded, so we should eat more fresh vegetables, such as: spring bamboo shoots, spring sorghum, rapeseed, malan, taro, fragrant scallions, etc.fire,凉Blood eyesight, swelling diuretic, enhancing the role of appetite and so on.

In order to correct the imbalance between the body and the outside, it is also necessary to pay attention to eating spicy food, eating more vegetables, fruits and other cool and moist foods. You can boil the orange peel and drink it as water. It can relieve cough, qi and stomach, soak the water with the roots and the roots.Or use pears, simmered in the skin to drink, you can clear the heat and lungs; eat more radish can qi, phlegm, and stomach.

  Three: physical exercise: one day is in the morning, one year is in spring, spring is the best season for physical investment, spring air is fresh, it is conducive to spit and new, full of sputum, life is in motion, moving to raise shape,Live blood flow, regular activity The right amount of exercise is the secret of longevity throughout the ages. If the weather permits, try to go outdoors, such as walking, running, climbing, doing exercises, punching, playing, twisting, kicking, jumping, etc.In order to improve blood circulation, improve lung function of the heart, and obtain more oxygen, so that the brain tissue can be adapted to blood and oxygen, so that the brain tissue can adapt to changes in blood circulation.

  Four: Preventing Spring Difficulties: When people feel comfortable in spring, they will have sleepiness and sleepiness at the same time, and the spring night is shorter than the winter night, which makes people feel that “spring sleep does not know”, sleepiness and weakness, lack of spirit, these phenomenaChinese medicine is called “spring sleepy”, “spring sleepy” is not lack of sleep, nor is it morbid, but the biological clock is converted – the human body can not adapt to the temperature change of temperature rise, and the body has undergone “blood redistribution” physiological changes.

  To prevent “spring sleep”, we must ensure adequate sleep time, maintain a cheerful mood, and overcome negative lazy thoughts; second, listen to some inspiring people; or songs and comic dialogues with a sense of humor, thus inspiring the heart to eliminate the spring storm.

Third, we must increase nutrition properly. Spring is a period of liver and liver. It should be eaten with sweet taste and eat protein, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

Fourth, to maintain indoor air circulation, wear clothing should be appropriate, not too warm, can be reversed when sleepy, or a little activity, if necessary, wash your face with cold water to make the brain excited to eliminate the “spring sleepy.”

  Five: nursed spirit: spring, earth rejuvenation, Vientiane renewal, all things start, units, individuals want to have a good start in a year, inevitably have some impatience at the same time, so in the spirit of nursed back to the natural reason,Force to anger, not to be emotionally depressed, ideologically open-minded, broad-minded, bad mood can lead to liver qi stagnation, so that the neuroendocrine system dysfunction, immune decline can easily lead to mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular disease,Infectious diseases, therefore, spring should pay attention to nursed spirits, maintain optimistic and cheerful mood, so that the liver is smooth, and implement the role of disease prevention and health care.

  1, to develop a good work habits to ensure adequate sleep time, but also avoid dizziness.

At this time, it is advisable to open the window and ventilate, increase the fresh air, look at the green plants, and spend more on outdoor activities, running, playing, cycling, climbing, spring swimming and other positive and beneficial fitness exercises. Nothing can stretch and stretch, thus preventingWind and evil, good for the body and mind.

  2, strengthen the mood to adjust to the spring yang qi, the characteristics of the seasons of all things, more to the wild to cultivate sentiment, self-cultivation, overcome pessimism, decadence, wilting, low state, so that the spirit, sentiment, blood is also like the spring sunshine, open-mindedHappy and lively, so as to get rid of the “spring sleepy.”

  3, diet nursed back to spring when the spring season, yang began, warm food is conducive to the protection of yang, you can eat more onions, dates, peanuts, etc., but eat less spicy things.

Also eat some foods that are sour and sour, can raise your temper, and then with green seasonal vegetables, such as Malan head, steamed bread and other refreshing products, you can clear the liver, refreshing, soothe the nerves.

Counting six healthy life weight loss tips

Counting six healthy life weight loss tips

Weight loss can be adjusted from the “inside” through diet, and of course, it can also be used to lose weight by some means such as exercise.

Today, we have taken stock of some topical weight loss methods. Let’s take a look at weight loss.

  External slimming tricks 1.

Meditation: After a whole day of being tired of bed, the speed of the integrated metabolic function in the body is greatly reduced, so that the resistance is not as good as before.

As a result, all the water and transitions absorbed will accumulate in the body, and the toxins will therefore increase greatly.

Weight, just rise invisibly, there will be annoying edema.

It is only necessary to change the way of “bed”.

  Close your eyes and raise your mind, injecting fresh energy into the body circulation of “low mood” through meditation, and “sitting on the ground for 80,000 miles” when you are “not moving.”

At this point, your heartbeat begins to accelerate, the blood circulation begins to flourish, and the body’s internal metabolic metabolism begins to function normally.


The coarse salt method takes a cup of coarse salt and some hot water to form a paste before taking a bath every day. It should be applied to the body to the extent that it will not be replaced. Then apply it to the parts that want to be thin, such as the body, around the arm., thigh, about ten minutes after standing still, then rinse the coarse salt with hot water, or you can do some massage and then wash it off with water, then start taking a bath.


The cling film method applies a slight decomposition gel to the thighs and the thighs and the back.

Apply a stretchy bandage after painting.

Apply the frozen liquid and remove the elastic bandage after about 45 minutes.

It is best to wrap your legs in plastic wrap.

After sweating, wipe off with a cold water towel to make the skin of the legs softer and more elastic.

Then fork the leg, slightly wider than the shoulder, and hold the heel.

Lower the waist and make a right angle to the legs and hips.


Ginger bathing with ginger and ribs, smashed the ginger into the hot water of the bath. If you want the juice in the ginger to be fully played, you can put the crushed ginger into the teapot and boil it over low heat.Then pour it into the bathtub.

After bathing, rub the skinny cream and apply a plastic wrap after massage.

But remember that the water level of the ginger bath can’t exceed the above, unless the MM wants to shrink the chest.


Coffee powder therapy blends uncooked coffee powder with massage oil and gently massages the thighs and shoulders in a spiral shape.

It can promote blood circulation in the local skin, avoid the formation of cellulite, and make the thighs and hips firmer.


Stepping on the air bike and recommending a very effective stovepipe local exercise, you can do it in the bed for a few minutes before going to bed at night.

Lying down, lifting your feet, pedaling bicycles on your feet, the magazine said that it would do more than a dozen times, I do 300 times a day!

After the completion of the two legs separated by about 80 degrees, a total of 80 points, this method is very effective for the meat at the roots of the thigh.

Psoriasis prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine tea to help

Psoriasis prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine tea to help

Traditional Chinese medicine often treats psoriasis vulgaris with blood. It is generally divided into four types: blood-heat type, blood-dry type, blood stasis type and blood deficiency type.

China has a long history of research on psoriasis, and there are many treatment methods. For example, there are many types of treatments in the treatment of syndrome differentiation, and the treatment of blood and its treatment of blood stasis. There are anti-tumor compounds in the treatment of disease differentiation., anti-infective compound, insect compound, etc.; unilateral prescription treatment includes Artemisia annua L., indirubin, Tripterygium wilfordii, grass coral, bandit, etc.; as well as Chinese medicine photochemotherapy and internal and external combination therapy.

  Blood-heat type: It is considered that the heat of blood is the primary cause of psoriasis. This type of rash develops rapidly, showing bright red or deep red, covered with silvery white scales, and spotted after scraping.

Governing law is cooling blood spots, clearing away heat and detoxification.

Commonly used in raw land, paeonol, red peony, comfrey, buffalo horn, etc. to formulate treatment.

  Blood stasis type: The disease course is long, the skin lesions are hard and thick, the color is purple or dark red, and the overlying thick and dry scales.

Governing law is a blood-activating ship.

Commonly used red peony, safflower, peach kernel, etc. to formulate treatment.

  Blood dry type: the disease is lingering, the skin lesions are not retreated for a long time, the color is dark red or reddish brown, dry and easy to crack, covered with silver-white dry scales, and the mooring method is nourishing Yin and moistening.

Commonly used Yuanshen, Radix, Salvia, Asparagus, etc. to formulate treatment.

  Blood deficiency type: long course of disease, weak constitution, thin skin lesions, reddish color.

Governing the law is nourishing blood and camp.

Commonly used Angelica, white peony, rehmannia, spatholobus and other formulas to treat.

There are many methods for the treatment of vulgaris. The above-mentioned method of treating blood vessels cures doctors to treat this disease.

In the treatment, different prescriptions should be taken according to the patient’s general condition, so that each patient should be treated according to different performances and adopt different Chinese medicine methods to achieve better curative effect.

  For some special types of erythrodermic or pan-type psoriasis, Chinese medicine believes that it is a hot poisonous wound in the camp.

The onset is rapid, there are obvious predisposing factors, the whole body skin is filled with erythema or deep red, purple erythema, a lot of scaly shift, accompanied by fever, upset and other systemic symptoms.

The cure is to clear the heat and cool the blood, and to detoxify the plaque.

Commonly used rhino horn, antelope horn, berberine, gypsum, etc. to formulate treatment.

Pustular psoriasis is considered to be damp heat.

The condition is serious, and there are large erythema on the whole body. There are dense pustules on the body. The onset is acute and the systemic symptoms are obvious.

The cure is to clear away heat and dampness, cool blood and detoxify.

Commonly used gentian grass, Sophora flavescens, Shandou root, Dingding, etc. to formulate treatment.

Articular psoriasis is a rheumatoid arthritis, in addition to psoriatic lesions are associated with joint pain, swelling, and even joint stiffness or deformity.

Governing law is dampness and heat, detoxification and collaterals.

It is commonly used in the treatment of singularity, Qin dynasty, Tripterygium wilfordii, Rhododendron chinensis, and black snake.

  How to drink Chinese herbal medicine tea to introduce psoriasis?

  In fact, psoriasis is a chronic, recurrent and persistent solid refractory disease. Patients often need to take long-term medication to control the disease, while Western medicine takes long oral doses. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction has a large dose, which is bitter and long-term.”Bitter misbehavior”, how to implant Chinese medicine into psoriasis by means of tea.

  Tradition is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of herbal tea.

As a unique Chinese medicine, medicinal tea was first seen in the Taiping Shenghui Fang in the third year of Song·Suihua. It has experienced a long history of development.

At present, there are many fields in which the drug tea is widely prevented, protected, treated, and recovered.

Chinese medicine appears in the form of “tea”. The patient is willing to spend it, and does not arrest the time. It can be taken at any time. From the clinical efficacy point of view, the active ingredient of the herbal tea is dissolved, the quality of the liquid is good, and it can be absorbed, just like a drop of stone.Slow down the work.

  At present, there are many ways to introduce traditional Chinese medicine to introduce psoriasis. It should be taken according to its own symptoms: Sanhuacha: 5 grams of oyster flower, silver flower and jasmine are placed in a covered cup, brewed with boiling water, and covered with 焖10 minutes, when the tea frequently attacks, generally can be brewed 3-5 times, can be taken daily; for rash infection, rash color red, accompanied by itching, upset thirst, such as sore throat or upper respiratory tract infection, can be addedUse for 3 grams of forsythia or fat sea.

  Sanshen tea: 5 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, Salvia miltiorrhiza, and Sophora flavescens are placed in a covered cup, brewed with boiling water, and covered with simmer for 10 minutes. When the tea is frequently extended, it can be brewed 3-5 times.Limited; Applicable to patients with weak constitution, prolonged course of disease, rash does not spread, skin lesions are thin and dry, rash color is reddish or faint.

  Three-leaf tea: 3 grams of light bamboo leaves, lotus leaves, and senna leaves are placed in a covered cup, brewed with boiling water, covered with sputum for 10 minutes, or sautéed daily with water, suitable for sore throat, rash attack,The rash is red, accompanied by constipation.

  Three grass tea: comfrey, 10 grams of Hedyotis, 3 grams of licorice decoction 3-5 times a day when the tea frequently spills, suitable for rash episodes, rash red, accompanied by itching patients.

  Huoxue Qufeng Tea: 5 grams of oyster flowers, safflower, and medlar flowers are placed in a covered cup, brewed with boiling water, and covered with simmer for 10 minutes. When the tea is frequently placed, it can be brewed 3-5 times.Adhere to daily supplements; apply to the skin is thick and thick, dark purple or dark red, overlying thick and dry scales, difficult to replace, mostly coin-like plaque.

  Known as traditional Chinese medicine tea, it can take a significant auxiliary treatment effect, but it should not ignore the conventional treatment of psoriasis.When replacing herbal tea, regardless of the dosage form or the drug, it should be reasonably replaced according to the condition and physical condition and self-tolerance.

Diet should be comprehensive, nutrition, whole grain is the main force to fight aging

Diet should be comprehensive, nutrition, whole grain is the main force to fight aging

Rice must be crystal clear, the flour must be whiter, the better?


The principle of exquisiteness and exquisiteness is applicable to the healthy trend of eating whole grains before and after. This is enough to help the skin to lose weight and make it easier for you to say goodbye to chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes!

Eat whole food – are you ready?

  Presumably, you already have the experience of eating whole grains. The corn, millet and various kinds of beans, such as rice and white flour, are already frequent visitors to your table. What is the difference between the whole grain and the whole grain?

  Common whole grains can be seen in shape, the best cereals to smell: wheat, oats, sorghum, corn, millet, coarse rice, coix seed, buckwheat beans: soy beans, black beans, red beans, mung bean nuts: pine nuts, walnutsWhen cashew nuts and chestnuts are selected for whole grain, there is a principle that is important: you can see shapes better than invisible shapes, natural ones are better than mixed flavors. In short, if you can buy fruit, do not choose powder.If you have natural flavored cereals, don’t buy milky cereals mixed with artificial additives.

  Whole grain and coarse grains – the more complete and nutritious, the whole grain relative to the coarse grains.

Relative to coarse grains, the whole grain weighs the length of the selected grain. It refers to the hard shell that has just been removed from the seed, without any further processing of all natural, intact cereals, beans and nuts.Grain and nuts.

The most important point is that you don’t lose the nutrients that food is born with because of any human factors.

  To put it a bit more, it just removes the seeds of the skin.

We must know that plants are all breeding their offspring through seeds. In order to ensure that the seeds can germinate and grow normally regardless of any “sinister” environment, it is definitely a concentrated essence of all kinds of proteins, besides the three major nutritional giants, protein,Aunts and pregnant women are also rich in vitamins and trace elements.

  Eat all the food – get the essence of the lost. Since the whole grain is the representative of the natural essence, what is the lack of the white rice we eat every day compared to itself?

In fact, they have been finely processed, which has a smooth and translucent “face”, and also guarantees a delicate taste. It is more suitable for us to approach the rough and original whole grain.

However, it is precisely this process of finishing that has abandoned many of the golden nutrients and trace elements.

  In general, the complete rice cereal consists of four parts, the rice bran layer, the bran layer, the germ and the endosperm.

The rice bran layer is what we usually call “the chaff”. The human body can’t digest it and can’t eat it. The bran layer is rich in many supplemental fibers, vitamins and trace elements; the main starch of the endosperm; the germ contains rich protein and unsaturated fatty acids.Dietary fiber, multivitamins and physiologically active substances, also contains trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc., which do not depend on the weight of the whole grain, but the nutritional value accounts for 50%.%.

  Modern finishing techniques often abandon the rice bran layer, bran layer and germ in the grain, and retain the endosperm alone, so that the white rice we eat is actually the endosperm of rice, and in many cases, in order to make the rice look more shiny, and then further polishing, so some of the bran layer remaining on the endosperm can not be “survived”.

In this way, when we waited for our mouth, the remaining small amount was starch, which was a complication that caused the blood sugar to rise quickly, and those real good things had already disappeared.

  The change that you eat – you have the right to be younger and slimmer. In fact, the trend of human beings eating white rice and white noodles is only a matter of nearly a hundred years. The Ming Dynasty pharmacologist Li Shizhen mentioned in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that slender riceThat is, just remove the rice from the rice bran layer, which has the magical effect of “and the five internal organs, good color”, which means that you often eat some rice, and you can keep the five internal organs, criticize the years, but also moisturize the face and make you youthful.Resident.

  Western scientists have long discovered that the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease is closely related to the diet filled with processed foods. Some refined foods have lost their original important nutrients and have been added to eachA complex food additive, so that our stomach has become a chemical laboratory unconsciously, many chemical substances that cannot be digested and decomposed are left behind, and gradually become a lesion of chronic diseases.

The whole grain is used as “all natural and complete cereals without further processing, except for shelling”, and its status in balanced nutrition may change.

For this reason, in 2005, the US Department of Agriculture listed the whole grain as the most oblique part of the five-layer nutrition pyramid, the most important part of the newly developed healthy eating guide – “My Pyramid”.The total number of food inputs is at least half of the daily cereal consumption, further extending the nature of the food incorporated into cellulose.

  Compared with the finished grain ratio, I want to know where the whole grain is. Let’s make a simple comparison: after measuring, a piece of ordinary white bread usually contains 66 calories.

9 grams of protein and 0.

6 grams of fiber, while a piece of whole wheat bread contains 69 calories, 3.

6 grams of protein and 1.

9 grams of fiber, you see, all food products in terms of volume, protein or fiber content far exceeds refined grain, and from the point of view, the benefits of whole grain are not limited to these.

  Whole Grains – The main force in the fight against aging Most people know that fruits and vegetables are rich in beneficial phytochemicals and antioxidants, which help to remove oxygen free radicals in the body. It is enough to know that these oxygen free radicals can cause aging.It is also related to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cataract and other diseases, but many people do not know that the effect of whole grain in this respect is not inferior to that of vegetables and fruits. Iron, calcium and phosphorus are inevitable in the whole grain.Selenium, zinc and other essential trace elements and vitamins are beneficial to improve glucose metabolism and lower blood sugar. Its high content of folic acid and bioflavonoids also help the body to scavenge oxygen free radicals and help the body to fight against aging.

A study by Harvard Medical School in the United States has not found that women who ate 3 whole foods a day had a 25% reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease compared to women who lost 1 whole food item on Wednesdays.

  Whole grain-detoxification masters like vegetables, whole grains contain a large number of alternative fibers, including cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin and so on.

We know that dietary fiber is a nutrient that cannot be absorbed by the body, but it plays an important role in the health of the digestive system.

In the mouth, it can increase the chewing of the teeth; in the stomach, the replacement fiber can lengthen the time the food stays in the stomach and relieve the time of gastric emptying; in the large intestine, the implanted fiber can help stimulate the peristalsis of the large intestine to absorb water.It is a laxative, and it is like a small brush that can remove the toxic substances sticking to the intestinal wall and the bacteria that are excessively proliferated in the intestines, and promote the balance of the flora in the stomach, which is beneficial to lose weight and canEffectively reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  In addition, recent research has found that precipitated fibers can produce butyrate and air after being fermented by a friendly internal bacterial population.

Butyrate is a nutrient necessary for the renewal of alkaline epithelial cells, which can prevent the occurrence of genetic mutations in cancer cells, and bubbles are the best antioxidants, protecting cells in various parts of the body from oxygen free radicals.

  Whole Grain – Natural and Cheap Skin Care For skin care, although the whole grain is not as effective as some expensive skin care products, it is better than natural and inexpensive, and it is absolutely effective.

For example, vitamin E in nuts and nuts is the best skin antioxidant. If you want to get rid of the unpleasant spots, the skin will always be smooth and delicate, and it will be inseparable from its contribution. Basically, the B vitamins in rice canPromote cell blood circulation, adjust oil secretion, especially to prevent and repair sun damage to the skin.

From the inside out, I believe that it is a good way to try every beauty.

  Steamed whole grains are better to eat – the nutritionist’s full-grain spectrum is dry, and the whole grain is so bad that it tastes bad, but it can be eaten as long as it is simple.Basically, porridge and food with fine grain is the most important method of consumption. Nutrition experts recommend that the method of steaming and then eating can preserve the whole grain nutrition and increase the taste.

Now let’s take a look at the nutritionist’s own full food spectrum, hoping to add fuel to your health.


The cereals and beans are mixed in a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1 and impregnated with doping.


Put the soaked kernels in a steamer and steam.

Depending on the type of food, the time required to steam is different, usually 10-20 minutes.


Steamed whole food can be fried like rice, fried with eggs and diced.

You can also put some cockroaches, red dates, walnuts, and simmer for a while, for porridge.

However, it should be noted that this kind of porridge is a kind of broth. It can’t make the grain into the state of gelatinization of the starch, and it becomes a slimy state, so that the blood sugar rises quickly.

If there are millet and coarse rice in the grain, it is easy to gelatinize and needs special attention.


If the steamed whole grain is not finished, you can separate the small portions and freeze them.


If you like to eat noodles, try to make a grain of steamed bread, mix the steamed whole grain with white noodles, and add raisins and melon seeds to increase the taste and nutrition.

Conditioning holiday sick tea water fruit fire

Conditioning holiday sick tea water fruit fire

On the last day of the holiday, you should take a good rest at home and nurse the body.

Tea and fruit can adjust mood.

  Replenishing sleep and rationally arranging your life, so that your life is regular. It is often said that “getting a good night and getting up early and getting good health” is still very reasonable. Especially for the elderly, the body’s regulating function is diminished. During the holiday season, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining a good living law.

Timely clean up the stomach and the Chinese New Year to eat rich, after the long holiday should pay attention to adjust the diet structure, do not eat too much greasy, so as not to burden the stomach.

Thoroughly eat some Jianweixiaoshi tablets or hawthorn slices, try to eat lighter meals, and let the stomach filled with fish also rest.

Adjust your own state on the last day of your holiday, take a good rest at home, and don’t go to the party on the eve of work to get excited about activities.

You can call a friend to chat and transfer your attention.

  The most common phenomenon of returning to family and tourism with excessive tea and fruit fire is dry mouth and bitterness, loss of appetite, redness of the eyes, toothache, mouth ulcers, herpes on the corners of the mouth, etc., and tea and fruit can be prepared.

Adjust your mood, keep your mood comfortable, don’t worry, and let the “internal fire” slowly come down.

Wash your feet with hot water before going to bed before going to bed, massage your feet and toes to clear the meridians, adjust the organs, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, have important medical effects, especially for neurasthenia, insomnia, headache, etc. may be cured orAuxiliary treatment.

Eliminate three misunderstandings before defeating mental illness

Eliminate three misunderstandings before defeating mental illness

Most people often avoid mental illnesses, even if they are already very painful, they pretend to be calm in front of others, and even dare not go to the hospital for help. The “heartache” is only clear to you.

  In fact, mental illness is the same as a cold. Anyone can be recruited and can recover.

Many of the pressures in life have not been promptly released and released. After a long period of time, more than their own psychological immunity, mental illness gradually formed.

People must correctly understand it and finally defeat it. First, we must eliminate the following three misunderstandings: 1. Mental illness is “mad”. Anyone will have concerns. When depressed, only most people will not be very long.Adjust it.

In fact, many patients with mental illness, although slightly worried, have a heavier time complication, and have a heavier degree. They have to restore their strength to adjust some of their efforts, but they are not really “mad.”

  2, mental illness is not cured. In fact, through scientific methods, many mental illnesses can be cured.

For example, worrying about obstacles is a common problem, and a large part of the outpatient visits are treated while working.

And after regular treatment, after adjusting the psychological level, many people feel better at work and life.

  3, mental illness is a personality problem, no treatment, although the personality can not be completely changed, but some bad aspects of personality also need treatment, because these bad aspects may be manifested as mental illness, may also be mental illnessCatalyst.

  Looking at the “mental disease” from another angle, it is only regarded as a problem. Like many problems in life, as long as we actively think of ways, this problem can be solved.

How long does it take to sleep every day?

How long does it take to sleep every day?

If you feel that you are not getting enough sleep, you will definitely have problems with lack of sleep.

In one survey, 38% said they had fallen asleep unconsciously during the day at least once in the last month.

Even more shocking is that 5% of people said they were dozing off while driving, or they actually fell asleep.

  If you are not getting enough sleep, it will definitely affect your physical function, your memory, and reaction time.

Will definitely affect your driving.

  Another survey has shown that frequent sleep deprivation can lead to confusion.

Nearly a quarter of those who admit to sleeping for 7 hours have difficulty focusing during the day, and nearly one in five have problems with memory.

  Sleeping for 7 hours can hinder daily work. Many things need to be done every day. You also take it for granted.

  According to the guidelines cited by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from the National Sleep Foundation, although sleep needs vary from person to person, most adults need 7 to 9 hours to get a refreshing feeling.

  But in modern society and at this age, it is difficult to reach that balance.

Between 1985 and 2009, the proportion of people who slept for 7 hours during sleep increased from 23% to 35%.

  For this amazing number (the proportion of people who sleep 7 hours has risen from 23% to 35%), this is said to be partly because of staff changes and the creation of new technologies – such as smartphones and laptops.We can keep in touch at any time.

  You still need to know this: 1.

Compared with young adults, older people over the age of 65 are more likely to sleep for more than 7 hours.


In the case of 7 hours of sleep, women are more likely to have problems in their daily work than men.


Almost half (48%) of Americans fight.

  So, from now on, we need to take sleep as a healthy center of gravity.

This is not extravagant.

  Insufficient sleep can affect daily physical function and mortality.

If you don’t have enough rest before driving a car, you may have an accident.

  People with sleep disorders – including insomnia, sleep apnoea and leg hyperactivity syndrome are common.

If you always feel that your rest is not good, consider having a sleep expert help you adjust it.

  I hope that dear, you can have a healthy sleep from today!

  Ensuring adequate sleep time is important, but sleep quality can’t be ignored either – you know that higher sleep quality isn’t just in a comfortable, warm bed.

  This is not something that can be said in a few words: you find it harder to fall asleep when you grow up, in fact, because your sleep pattern has changed quietly.

  But this does not mean that it means an increase in age, and the quality of sleep will inevitably decrease.

  You can improve your sleep quality without having to put the turning side on the bed and it is difficult to fall asleep.

  Every little habit – including your diet, exercise style, and even watching TV preferences – can affect your sleep.

Obese women are prone to high blood pressure

Obese women are prone to high blood pressure

The occurrence of diabetes in women is related to high blood pressure and high blood sugar diet. Controlling body weight and adjusting diet structure are measures that can not be ignored to prevent diabetes.

  Women who are overweight and obese have a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes.

In particular, the risk after menopause can be increased by 4.


38 times.

The obesity of women’s abdomen is spindle-shaped, with the humerus and the main obesity of the thighs being pear-shaped.

American scholars analyzed 216 hypertensive patients and found that the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference was greater than zero.

77, Florida’s relative risk is three times higher than normal, the ratio is greater than zero.

8, the relative risk is 6 times higher than normal.

Women’s chest and thighs are not easily eliminated, but relatively less affected by diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The average age of diabetic patients.

  Obese women are prone to axillary lymph node metastasis after suffering from diabetes.

US researchers have recently examined 656 invasive diabetic patients, and found that 33% of the thinner women had axillary lymph node metastasis, compared with 66% of the overwent.

Obese women have diabetes, the surgical effect is relatively poor, and the rate of recurrence is also higher than that of non-obese people.

  The occurrence and development of diabetes is related to estrogen. Except for estrogen in women, in addition to ovarian secretion, a few tissues can produce considerable estrogen, and the estrogen level is more likely to occur.

  Long-term intake of high blood sugar diets leads to overweight and obesity.

People who regularly eat starch or fried foods are at increased risk of developing diabetes.

6 times.
A controlled study of 537 normal people and patients in Shanghai found that the relative risk of diabetes in many people was unhealed.

72 times, women after menopause absorb more people, the relative risk increases.

53 times.

People with less activity have a corresponding increase in the incidence of kinases due to relative relative excess.

The survey shows that women who are not exercising are at higher risk of developing diabetes than those who are hobbyists.

86 times.

  The type of aunt is closely related to breast cancer.

Canadian scholars studied 666 female patients diagnosed with diabetes and investigated their absorption in the year prior to diagnosis.

It was found that the more saturated fatty acids implanted in animals, the more likely lymph node metastasis to occur, whereas the unsaturated acids implanted in plants did not.

51% of the group that absorbed the most saturated acid had lymph node metastasis.

Only a minimum of 41% had a lymph node metastasis.

In this way, middle-aged and elderly women eat less animal waste and replace it with vegetable oil, which is good for complications and coronary heart disease.

Love tooth day – these dental care methods should be remembered!

Love tooth day | These dental care methods should be remembered!

Who is, after accompanying you to eat abalone and winged belly, after the 82-year-old Lafite, I am willing to accompany you to eat at the street stall, hand-cranked cakes, grilled beef, stinky tofu, cold-boiled cold noodle pancake fruit.and still a bit of ice beer?

of course!

Is it your own tooth?
I don’t know why my friends around me have been pulling their teeth, filling their teeth, implanting their teeth. Listening to the painful and painful feelings of their teeth.

Xiaobian wants to say. I know that toothache is always inevitable, why don’t you care?

Therefore, today is the 29th World Love Tooth Day, Xiaobian will give you a little knowledge of love!

What is Love Day?

In 1989, the Ministry of Health, the Education Commission and other ministries and commissions jointly signed to determine the September 20th of each year as Love Day.

Consensus is to mobilize the power of the society through the activities of the Love Tooth Day, to promote the education of dental disease prevention knowledge, to enhance the awareness of oral health and self-oral health, and to establish oral health behaviors, thereby improving the oral health of the whole nation.

Oral health directly or indirectly affects general health.

We should all know about the cold knowledge of teeth!

Family members don’t share toothpaste if someone in the family has a cold or has oral disease.

When brushing your teeth, cold viruses, oral bacteria can easily spread through the mouth of the toothpaste to other people’s toothbrushes.

Children under 6 years old do not use fluoride toothpaste. According to the study, after using fluoride toothpaste, the acid resistance of the teeth will be enhanced, and the chance of teeth will be reduced.

However, the child’s hands-on ability is poor, the skills of brushing your teeth are not fully understood. For example, if you use adult toothpaste with a high fluoride content, it is inevitable to accidentally swallow fluoride-dissolved toothpaste when brushing your teeth.

Don’t take the wrong condition of the tooth. First of all, it doesn’t matter if the teeth are occasionally inserted. However, if the teeth are often found, it means that ther