2015 America’s Cup of America-Brazil wins 2-1 and Robbie assists Silva

2015 Chile America’s Cup-Brazil 2-1 wins the first place Robbie assists Silva to break the goal
Beijing time on June 22 at 5:30 (Chile local time at 18:30 on the 21st), the America’s Cup Group C began the second match in the third round, Brazil beat Venezuela 2-1, qualifying first, Venezuela bottom out.Robinho assisted Thiago Silva to break the goal, Firmino extended the score, substitute Miku pulled back a goal.Earlier in the game, Colombia tied Peru 0-0 and both advanced.1/4 finals: Brazil vs Paraguay; Argentina vs Colombia; Chile vs Uruguay; Bolivia vs Peru.The Brazilian congressmen of the two congressmen will celebrate leading Brazil’s loss to Colombia in the last round, ending an 11-game winning streak.Neymar began four games suspended, Fred was rotated, Robinho and Coutinho entered the starting line, no change in other positions.The captain’s armband was worn on Miranda’s arm.Venezuela adjusted the starter for the first time in this cup, and Sicello replaced the suspended Amore Pieta.The America’s Cup of Venezuela has won against Brazil (1 draw and 5 losses). The most recent one was a 0-0 match in 2011.  Brazil took the lead in the first shot!In the 9th minute, Robinho took a corner from the right and Tiago Silva hit the top of the goal at the top of the goal at 10 meters, 1-0. This is the first time since his World Cup attack broke the Colombia goal last year.ball.Brazil’s record of 46 openings in the America’s Cup since 1979 remains unbeaten (38 wins and 8 draws).  The Samba Corps played steadily after the budget.In the 16th minute, Alves crossed from the right and Robinho volleyed across the beam.In the 24th minute, William turned right and made an inward transfer. Filipe unloaded the ball from the top of the penalty area and was shot obliquely by Baroha.In the 39th minute, Robinho stepped on a bicycle and scored a goal. William shot into the penalty area on the right side and shot at a small angle and was saved by Baroha.  In the second half, Venezuela replaced Gonzalez and Martinez.Brazil expanded the score in the 51st minute, Robinho moved to the left, Filipe made a direct pass, William passed the ball from the bottom of the bottom, and Firmino pushed the net into the net at 4 meters in front of the goal, 2 to 0.Firmino wanted to undress to celebrate, but stopped his action midway. This was his first national team official game goal. 3 goals were scored in the warm-up match.  Dunga continuously promised conservative substitutions.David Luiz and Tardelli played, replacing Firmino and Coutinho.Then Makinos replaced Robinho.In the 81st minute, Brazil’s right corner was ejected, and then back to the middle, David Luiz barbed 9 meters in front of the door and was confiscated by Baroha.  Venezuela pulled back a point in the 84th minute. Arango’s left foot free kick at 25 meters from the door was hit by a single hand with Jefferson. The near post was inserted and rebounded. Substitute Miku dived to the top and entered the net, 1 to 2, heIt became the first Venezuelan player to score 2 goals in the history of the America’s Cup. It is also the second Venezuelan who broke the Brazilian goal in the America’s Cup after Maldonado in 1989.Brazil (4-2-3-1): 1-Jefferson/2-Alves, 14-Tiago-Silva, 3-Miranda, 6-Philippe/5-Fernandinho, 8-Ellias/19-William, 20-Robinho (76’13-Makinos), 21-Coutinho (46’9-Tardelli)/11-FairMino (67’4-David Luis) Venezuela (4-2-3-1): 1-Baroha/16-Rosales, 4-Vizcarrondo, 3-Tunez,6-Cicero/8-Rincon, 13-Sejas (46’17-Joseph Martinez)/15-Gera (46’72-Miku), 18-Arango, 10-RonaVarde Vargas (46’11-Cesar Gonzalez) / 9-Long East Colombia 0-0 draw Peru.Pekerman replaced a starter and Arias replaced Suniga as a right back.Peru continued to use the level of defeating the Venezuelan committee.In the opening 4 minutes, Falcao’s restricted area turned and shot with a left foot, and Galese saved the bottom line.Edwin Valencia’s fractured sprain was lifted off the court and Mexia came off the bench.In the 51st minute, Cueva counterattacked to the right, and Sanchez made a low shot from the front of the penalty area and was saved by Ospina.Peru captain Pizarro was replaced by Farfan, and Pekerman replaced the left-back Almero with attacker Ivalvo.Martinez then replaced Falcao, J Ronaldo took over as captain.In the 68th minute, Special Olympics counterattacked the ball and J Ronaldo was saved by Galese on the left side of the penalty area.In the end, the two teams made a goalless goal. Peru has not conceded two consecutive games for the first time since 1975.(Ma Ge)