Faker doesn’t care about the death group, looking forward to playing against RNG again

Faker doesn’t care about the “death group”, looking forward to playing against RNG again
The League of Legends Global Finals group stage will begin in Germany on October 12.The SKT team also set off from Korea today.The SKT team set out for Germany.Figure / SKT team official Weixiang Li (ID: Faker) is the core player of the SKT team. He has won three world championships and one runner-up with the SKT team, but he did not qualify for the world championship last year.Promoted with the highest score in the Korean division this year, Li Xianghe said: “I am very lucky, so this time I must achieve the championship goal I failed to achieve the year before.In this group match, the SKT team will compete with the FNC and RNG in the group match to qualify for the qualifying places. This team is a strong team in the LCE and LPL divisions. Group C is also called the “death group”.The two do not have to worry about Li Xianghe, a veteran of the World Championships, who has not paid attention to the lottery ceremony. “No matter how it is grouped, I don’t care much. Anyway, I just want to defeat all the teams.The RNG team is a star team in the LPL division, and it can be said to be an old opponent with SKT.In the 2016 quarterfinals and 2017 quarterfinals, the two teams played together.Li Xianghe is also very excited about playing again with the RNG team this year. “We often meet with RNG. I would love to know how it will feel against them this time.”For the SKT team, they are not new to Europe.The 2015 S5 World Finals was in Berlin antiques, SKT successfully won the second championship trophy.”Last year I failed to participate in the global finals. This time I came to Europe to participate, and I feel even stronger to win the championship.”Li Xianghe is also very emotional, ushered in the game in Europe again, SKT team 7 people are” struggling to manage the state. “”The biggest problem for each team today is to adjust the time difference, but they believe that by transforming the training of the team, these can be overcome.SKT team’s new LOGO Today, SKT team announced that the LOGO will be upgraded again, from the words T1 embraced by two wings to wings T and 1.Li Xianghe and his teammates wore uniforms printed with new team logos and boarded the plane to Europe.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wu Xingfa