Lin Huaimin said goodbye to Autumn Water, leaving Yunmen with the most open future

Lin Huaimin said goodbye to “Autumn Water”, leaving Yunmen with the most open future
Lin Huaimin’s work “Autumn Water”.Photography / Xiao Zhouyi Zhang Cheng stepped down from step to step, looking straight ahead, the curtain slowly fell, only Qiushui remained.Lin Huaimin’s last dance in the Cloud Gate Dance Collection, “Autumn Water” in just 20 minutes, never looked back, but for a long time.With this “Autumn Water” as another era, the aftertaste is long and bright.This time, Lin Huaimin chose “Mirror in the Mirror” by the minimalist composer Avo Pat. The music lines are long and the dancers wander in the meantime.The five female dancers are still the iconic movements of the Cloud Gate. They are frustrated, powerful, and still calligraphic.The soft vibrating arm was like a “Shayannara”.The round field that went back and forth was more like an endless farewell.Suddenly, the dim and fine watermarks turned into the shining waves in the sunlight, and the ambiguity became clear.Lin Huaimin’s work “Autumn Water”.Photography / Xiao Yiyunmen Dance 46 years, whether it is the youth spirit of “Nine Songs” in the early years, or the search for food of “Song of the Wanderer”, or “Water Moon”, “Traveling Grass” and laterIntroverted and quiet, Lin Huaimin and Yunmen Dance Set created an era of modern Chinese dance.The action system evolved from Tai Chi guidance, opera and Neijia fist, coupled with Yunmen ‘s literary background and work ideas, are all rich in oriental flavors, deeply rooted in this land, and no one can out of itright.How many people sighed for Lin Huaimin’s retirement.The aim is to be reluctant, and have nostalgia for Lin Huaimin and his dance world, and become doubtful. It is the uncertainty of the new art director Zheng Zonglong and the future Cloud Gate.Lin Huaimin seemed to answer with this “Exchange Work”, saying goodbye to “Autumn Water” and opening the future with “Multiplication” and “12”.Zheng Zonglong’s “Multiplication” edited by Tao Body Theater.Photography / Xiao Yi is both “Exchange Work”, naturally “Reproduction” edited by Zheng Zonglong for Tao Body Theater and “12” edited by Tao Ye for Yunmen Dance Collection are the main works.This “exchange” is very interesting. The two choreographers in the final work seem to be close to each other. The opening of “Replication” is like a “digital series” of Tao body, but the temperament of “12” is full of thickThe taste of Cloud Gate, even the two composers Lin Qiang and Xiao He, seems to have reached a certain tacit agreement.Zheng Zonglong’s “Multiplication” seems to start from Tao’s body, seeking change in unity, with a strong sense of form and catching people’s attention.Then started, Zheng Zonglong entered his own world, but scattered a bit, until the two dancers finally had the rotation before they came back.Tao Ye’s “12”, the dancers of the cloud gate jumped up and walked like clouds, flowing freely, cruising freely.The cloud gate dancer’s body texture makes every cloud unpredictable, but it goes quietly like a cloud but can’t catch it.These two works have never had the grace of “Autumn Water”.But be aware that Lin Huaimin at their age is not the same as Lin Huaimin today.”12″ edited by Tao Ye for Yunmen Dance Collection.Photography / Xiao Yiyun Gate Dance Collection Standing at an intersection, it seems that we have faced the Martha Graham Modern Dance Company and the Pina Boshi Upatar Dance Theater.Multiple choice questions they must face.Lin Huaimin left the most open future for Yunmen, and he could let the younger generation create freely without dancing his dance.Just like the state he showed in “Autumn Water”, after turning around a thousand times, he never looked back, but stayed in the autumn water for a long time.□ Ni Min (drama critic) He Jian, editor of Sauna Night Network, proofreading Li Shihui