[Can you eat glutinous rice liqueur for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat glutinous rice liqueur for menstruation]_Menstrual period_Can you eat it?

If you are during menstruation, you must pay more attention to your diet. Do not eat any food that is not conducive to menstruation. Otherwise, it will definitely have an adverse effect on your body, but in fact, you can take some glutinous rice wineHowever, it can’t absorb too much, because the glutinous rice wine also contains alcohol content, and the female friends who repeatedly overdo it will cause great damage to the body.

Five Taboos Diet Taboo 1: Eat salty foods: Women should not eat salty foods before menstruation.

Because the salt and water storage capacity of salty food increases, before the menstrual cramps, there are too many progesterone and prone to edema and headache.

If you start eating low-salt foods 10 days before your menstrual cramps, you won’t have the above symptoms.

Taboo 2: Drinking aerated beverages: Women who have too many aerated beverages will experience fatigue and weakness during menstruation, which is a manifestation of iron deficiency.

Because beverages such as soda mostly contain phosphates, they produce a chemical reaction with iron in the body, making it difficult for iron to be absorbed.

In addition, drinking soda will neutralize bicarbonate and gastric juice in soda, reduce the digestive ability and bactericidal effect of gastric acid, and affect appetite.

Taboo 3: Eat irritating foods: Do not eat irritating foods and peppers before menstruation, but also eat less fatty meat, animal oils and sweets.

Taboo 4: Eat spicy and cold foods: Spicy and cold foods are irritating and can easily cause pelvic vessels to contract and cause too little menstrual blood or even stop suddenly.

In addition, irritating substances such as tobacco and alcohol will have certain effects on menstruation. If you do not pay attention to avoid these bad stimuli, dysmenorrhea or menstrual disorders will occur in the long run.

Taboo 5: Eat fried and greasy food.

Nine major menstrual diet one, Jianfu loofah.

1. Use loofah 30g, fry with water, add rice wine orally, and cure low back pain during menstruation.

2. Dry the loofah seeds, fry them with water, add a little brown sugar, and take warm rice wine, once each morning and evening.

Indications Irregular menstruation.

3, one old loofah, burnt, ground, 9g each time, with salt and water to adjust the service, can cure more menstrual periods.

Second, a few black fungus, roasted and ground into fines, served with brown sugar, each 3-5 days, to treat women’s irregular menstruation.

Third, two cocks and chicken crests, seasoned and cooked, served 1-2 times a day, eat 3-5 days a month.

Treatment of irregular menstruation of women.
Fourth, 2 pieces of tofu, 50g of lamb, 17g of ginger, seasoned with salt, cooked food.

Indications Irregular menstruation, spleen and stomach deficiency.

Fifth, 500g of dried celery, add two cups of water, and fry into one cup. The regular clothes treat the menstrual cycle is not allowed, 8 or 9 days in advance, or even 1-2 times in January (that is, the first menstrual period).

Six, angelica 10g, decoction, beat 2 eggs, add brown sugar 50g.

Take 1 time after menstruation.

Indications Irregular menstruation, blood deficiency.